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SHURE SE215 Isolating Earphones

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by varsis, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Frequency Range: 22 Hz - 17.5 kHz
    Sensitivity: 107 db SPL/mW (1kHz)
    Impedance: 20 ohms (1kHz)
    Cable Length: 162cm
    Price: $125

    I was getting a bit over wind noise in my helmet, that and i think i bent my visor a tad out of shape when putting on an anti-fog pinlock insert causing a whistle at anything over 50km/h (ugh). I did a heap of research on isolating in ear earphones and decided on the shure se215 to reduce the additional strain in riding.

    Firstly, these earphones come with expandable foam ear tips, just like ear plugs you squeeze them, insert and let them expand. This in itself without music reduces a hell of a lot of noise, add a bit of music and you're set. The buds sit along the ear, reducing the chance of any additional hardware getting caught when putting on your helmet (usually).

    These earphones have replaceable parts, from the ear buds, to the cable, to the ear piece... They can all be detached and replaced as necessary. Great for those of us who tend to destroy or lose gear.

    Having a whisper kit installed on my helmet can cause me some issues keeping the buds in place when putting on the helmet, but once the helmet is on and the earphones haven't jumped out of place in the process, they're good to go and in place until you remove your helmet.

    The isolation of noise is great, i can still hear the whine of the engine in the upper range somewhat - however other noises aren't a real concern. I did notice that the music wasn't 'loud', even when set on 90% - but it doesn't need to be due to all outside noise being reduced, you can still hear the music clearly. This allowed for reduced ear strain, while removing outside noise.

    The 'over ear' cord style does take some getting used to, however this approach keeps the bud in place - big bonus when doing headchecks. The cable is of decent length allowing your music device to be placed wherever you require.

    Overall, very happy with the purchase - might consider getting rid of the whisper kit to help the buds stay in place when putting on my helmet, don't really need it anymore.
  2. Sorry I know this is an old thread, but I thought I can add to it so I will in the hope someone out there in the interwebs may benefit.

    I bought a pair of these a couple of days ago. The reason was to have them placed inside a custom set of ear moulds.

    After commuting for a couple of days I'm wondering if I'll even need the custom moulds as the isolation I'm getting is quite surprising. When in (and let me say it takes me a lot less time to get these in compared to foamies) they reduce sound levels IMO more than the standard yellow and pink foamies I've been using. Turn on the music and its sweet bliss.

    I paid $145 for these and searching around I think you'd be lucky to get them cheaper from a bricks and mortar store.

    Sound? Sound is very good though a little on the flat or 'unexciting' side. Obviously the intention of these by the manufacturer was to be totally flat to give a true representation of a musicians sound playing live. Unfortunately I'm playing my music while riding through an iphone so the onboard eqs to spice things up are useless. But I would recommend to anyone out there that a slight wide dip across the mid range frequency band would be the go....at least to my ears.

    The fit is good, though if you don't put them on right and ride for 20min before you realize you'll have sore ears. I run the cabl over my ears down the front of my jacket into an iphone in my pant pocket. At the present I can easily control volume by squeezing the pocket and getting the right buttons on the iphone, but I intend on getting the dedicated cord for the track skip soon......would like to figure out a way to get its comms system mounted inside my helmet.....but thats no biggie.

    Overall I'm very pleased with this purchase and finding riding with music a revelation. Seriously....how long has this shit been going on for? :)