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Shows that you miss...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ward_4e, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. I miss a lot of tv now I dont own one so in that vain list the shows that aired and you miss...

    Mine is: The Mr Hell show of sbs... that was so fresh and original...

    "you dont want to go to an all girls school? Are you sure your my son?"
  2. Ha Ha. Used to love Mr Hell, Bob Monkhouse (the voice of Mr Hell) is an absolute legend.

    "Hi, my name is Josh, and I'd like to tell you about reincarnation..." THUMP!!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Good News Week [when it was on ABC]

    Astro Boy

  4. Here's a list I put together for another forum I frequent, it's all the shows that I believe should be compulsory watching...

    Pete's definitive list of essential TV Shows

    The Simpsons (obviously)
    Family Guy
    King Of The Hill
    Drawn Together
    Aaaargh It's The Mr Hell Show
    Bromwell High
    Ren & Stimpy??
    American Dad??

    Coupling (UK)
    The Drew Carey Show
    That 70's Show
    Garth Marenghi's Dark Place
    The IT Crowd
    My Name Is Earl
    Black Books
    Seven Periods With Mr Gormsby
    Mr Bean

    One Hour Dramas
    The Sopranos
    Outrageous Fortune
    Boston Legal
    Walker: Texas Ranger
    The Bill

    The Goodies
    The Young Ones
    Filthy Rich & Catflap
    Only Fools & Horses
    Dad's Army
    Kingswood Country
    Fawlty Towers

    Variety/Light Entertainment
    Top Gear
    Who's Line Is It Anyway? (UK & US)
    The Tonight Show With David Letterman
    Penn & Teller: Bullshit
    Spicks & Specks
    The Chaser (CNNN, War On Everything, etc.)
    Roy & HG (Club Buggery, The Channel 9 Show, The Dream, etc.)
  5. Hey Hey It's Saturday
  6. "It's A Knockout" anybody??
  7. Definitely not!!! :rofl:
  8. Milton the Monster; I SO miss Professor Wierdo and Count Cook and Abercrombie the Zombie.
  9. married with children

  10. Comedy:
    The Chaser - ABC
    The worst week of my life - ABC
    Spicks & Specks - ABC
    The Office - ABC

    Miami Ink - Lifestyle
    Anything on 617 - Crime Investigation Channel
    Overhauled, Orange County Choppers etc.

    The Bill - ABC

    Best movies I've seen in last month or so:
    The Notebook (american)
    The Eye 2 (chinese)
    Office Space (american comedy)
    In America (ameri/irish)
    Kenny (aussie)
  11. Wildside...brilliant channel 2 drama. Probably one of the best shows Australia's ever produced.
  12. hahaha kutlu
    i just borrowed the first session of the Xfiles off a friend.

    the mighty boosh on sbs and willard on ch2 BRILLENT
  13. Greys Anatomy
    Worst Week of My Life
    How I met your Mother

    Amazing Race :oops:
  14. I'm with you on them...never heard of worst week of my life though.

    Oh..and it's a knockout rocked! :LOL:
  15. oh hell yeah... on that tekeshi's castle!!!!
  16. ooo... goog news week. :)
  17. hell yeah - such a shame they stopped making it :(
  18. Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men.

    Rag, Tag, and Bobtail

    September 9, 1969 edition of the 6'Oclock News

    Not much worth watching on TV since then.....