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Showing my Android ignorance.....

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. So far so good with my shiny new Android phone; I can call people and send and receive messages, yay.

    But I want to add some stuff to it, specifically a Bible application, and a couple of games I have found (there's no Bejewelled II for Android, boo-hiss) and I haven't got a clue. With my Omnia Win-phone I would download the install file to the PC and then install it when the device was connected; does Android function in the same way?

    Answers on the back of a plain envelope, please :LOL:
  2. Which provider are you with Paul? I'm with Optus and my Samsung Galaxy S has a widget that links to the Android market where you can download applications. (Free and Paid).


    http://www.android.com/ has info as well.

    (IThe phone also has a heap of crappy useless Optus links and apps that can't be removed short of going deeper into the OS than I want to at the moment)
  3. On the phone, go to the Market App, do a search for what you want and download it.

    If it is not a Market App, have a look at this.
  4. You may have the atheist model.
  5. Nope - it's the agnostic model.

    He's not sure if he can load a Bible app.

    The atheist model he'd know he couldn't load it...

    Seriously though - there is a specific orthodox Jewish mobile app.

    It's an app that automatically shuts the phone down completely for the Sabbath from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday.

    I read about it a while ago but I can't find the reference for it now.
  6. Is that the one where the plastic cover on the phone doesn't completely cover it but stops about 2 inches before the top???

    Seriously, there is an app that does WHAT??
  7. I wonder of there is a Moses app that can part traffic
  8. No, all Android phones are atheists. They do not believe in God. iPhones on the other hand is a God and has lots of true believers.
  9. Paul, find the "Market" app on your phone. Then in the search bar look for the app in question. In the meantime, while you're there look for "Appbrain". It's an app that allows you to search the market, download and install apps and to manage the installed apps on your phone and via the webpage on your PC.

    Then, once you have Appbrain downloaded and installed and you've set up a Google account, on your PC surf to this:


    Log in (if you have a Google account). If not, create one. You'll need it for this and other functions related to your Android phone.

    Anyway, back to your phone. Open the Appbrain app, then tap on "Sync with Appbrain".

    Then after a few minutes, go back to the web version on your PC. Find "My Apps" or go to this link


    It will show all installed apps on your phone. In this case, it will be Appbrain and Pauls's Bible App (or whatever it's called).

    What the Appbrain website allows you to do is to search the market, and if you find an app, click on the "install" button.

    Then, when you use your phone you can tap on the "Sync with Appbrain" button. It will then find and install that new app(s).

    I find using Appbrain on my computer far easier and quicker to search for new apps or for specific ones than what it is looking on a small screen on a Wifi or NextG (or Optus or Voda) 3G connection. You can find, say, 4 or 5 apps, and after you've clicked on the Install links, when you sync Appbrain on the phone, it will find these new apps, download and install them for you.

    Good luck.
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  11. now THAT'S service with a smile

    taking Mrs Hornet out for a coffee, I'll leap onto this as soon as I return :)
  12. Don't get the fundamentalist app. Despite what it says, it is not safe to use on planes.
  13. Jesus wept, wouldn't it be easier just to memorise the bloody bible?
  14. If it's shut down completely how does it know it's Saturday???
  15. Paul has an Android phone! Paul has an Android phone! :D

    At any rate, looks like you're pretty well covered at this stage for what to do, but as a point of clarification, do you not have the proper android market icon? Its the one that says "Market" in this pic. If you don't have that then there is probably some carrier specific wankery there. Let me know and we can go about removing it.

    As for the installation of apps via PC, you can still do this. There are probably instructions in one of the links posted before me, but for simplicities sake, go Menu > Settings > Applications > and tick Unknown Sources. After this you can download any .apk file you like, copy it to your SD card and then run it. You're going to need a file browser for this though, I recommend Astro. Also, get a barcode scanner so you can scan QR codes. Just search the market for "barcode scanner"

    On an unrelated note, my interface pwns yours. :)

  16. ... and it's YOUR fault, after what you showed me at Jindabyne.

    I must say the speed and ease with which you can zip through and manipulate the contacts list on this phone is amazing compared to the Omnia.

    Now, I've succeeded in downloading and installing a Bible, the old King James Version, (bet you're surprised by that) but when I go to some of the games (how many different iterations of Solitaire are there in the world :shock:) some of them come up with messages about wanting access to my internet connection and my phone, or words to that effect. What is THAT all about, and should I be concerned?
  17. If the games were free, you will find that advertising paid for the development. It wants to access the net so it can display adverts to you.
  18. aha, thank you :)