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showerproof pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Drew, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Looking to get some shower/waterproof pants. Currently just got Draggins

    looking at sub $100 if i can (for now)

    Also, where would be the best place to get them I work in Nth Melb so CBD or north west would be good.

    Riding bike to work tomorrow but forcast says showers and i don't want to get wet on the way home. :(

  2. Camping stores may have some. Just be careful they are comfy but not too baggy, burning plastic sticks :)
  3. i was thinking more dririder or similar.... i've seen some advertised for about the $70 mark.

    camping store may be an option though if i cant get to a bike shop.
  4. Try any store that sells riding gear, a pair of rainproof overpants should cost somewhere between 30 and 50 dollars. Some brands are Dririder, Ixon or Rjays - I stay away from RJays though.
  5. i can get to race replica pretty easily so they might get a call in the morning :)

    geuss i'll do the ring around the cbd as well (once i can track down who they are... don't know much else in the CBD other than PS and Cosways)

    thanks guys
  6. Rivet Freeway overpants usually sell for around $70-80
  7. i Picked up a pair of Red (safe and bright) over pants about 2 years back, $110, they are one of the gortex esk materials and work brill, water proof, breath and even after 6+ hours at 100km storm riding...
    platapus outdoors un Melb.. other options around..
  8. dri-rider will set you back about$50. dont go to out dor place as the legs of those spray pants only ride up you leg too high when you sit on your bike.
  9. I've had mine 11 years and they don't do that as they have a foot strap underneath. You may as well get a pair from just about any bike shop -for the money you've set aside - when you try them on for size remember to sit or squat to make sure they're a good fit on the bike.
  10. Bollocks , I have 3 pair, me, mrs and spares got em from an outdoor centre, 2 have straps that go under the boots , one doesn't, never had any ride up, and they most I spent was $17

    Just make sure you get them the right size
  11. Drew, I have a pair of Dririders and hardly wear them.

    The best pair of wet weather pants I have I bought from Aussie Disposals for $30, they are Blizzard brand and have the zip up legs, are fully lined, have pockets with zips and the best part about them is they sit under my seat so when I'm caught in the rain I have something with me, not hanging up in the garage at home.

    $30 well spent..
  12. Cheers all,
    well the weather looks fine in melb at the moment so i'll see how the day goes..... only buying if i need em at this stage.
  13. Drew, i carry rjays overpants. Not sure of the model, got them from bikemart in ringwood, around $70. Bikemart guys recommended them, they are fairly new to market.
  14. Mars Leathers in Elizabeth Street often have them at a very good price too.
  15. +1 I've got the same, originally bought 'em to use on the mountain bike but found they work real well on the motorcycle as well. Plus the money saved you can put towards some decent wet weather/thermal protection once winter starts to roll around.
  16. thats what i'm planning

    cheapo ones now...... Dririder nordics when winter rolls around again..... Kyneton isn't nice winter climate!! :LOL:

    BOm map still looks good...... rain only over the bay....

    [psychic rain control] STAY THERE! [/psychic rain control]
  17. Or spend a bit more on a textile weatherproof pants.. keep you warm and dry...
  18. I got a full wet weather over suit for $70. Goes over my leathers - was great the other day! I know Metro Honda/Ducati in Ringwood are open until 7pm Fridays. So I'm guessing places in the city are also probably open later tonight if you want.
  19. I've got an RJAYS cheapo $25 plastic jacket goes over my leather jacket when wet or cold. Pants I got a set of Motodry quilted to go over my draggins when freakin cold but on wet not cold days a pair of $30 cheapies from a snowboard shop do the job very nicely.

    Depends how far you ride also, I spend an hour on the bike each way to work so staying dry is critical. But if I am only riding 15 minutes away I dont tend to worry unless it is bucketing down.
  20. I try not to wear pants in the shower.

    Seriously though, I have some disposal stor pants. They are not bad, but are a little heavy in weight, so they don't pack away that well.

    Also the are XL and a little too long, but a little to small to fit over the gear and still be comfortable.

    So, if you are on a budget, then they are good, but if you can afford a little more then bike specific ones are better.

    go for a bright colour, no matter how daggy. Mine are navy (someone bought them for me) and add to the uneasiness in the wet.