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Show you're a Netrider member within the forums

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. Since many people have requested, we have now introduced a way to highlight/show, within the forums, that you are a Netrider member.

    A Netrider members logo will appear for all your posts, new and old, just below your profile details that appear to the left-hand side of all your posts. (eg. just below where it gives my location and motorcycle that I ride, to the left of this post)

    So, if you are a Netrider member, and want to have the Netrider members logo attached to your posts - follow these steps....

    1. Visit the membership details update page. Click 'Membership / Join' in the left-hand navigation menu, then click the 'Update your details link' near the top-left hand corner of the membership page. This will take you straight there.

    2a. If you know your membership details password, enter it here and click the 'Fetch Details' button.
    2b. If you don't know/remember your membership details password, either enter your member number or member record email address and click the 'Reset Password' button. This will send an email to your member record email address with a new password

    3. Once you have logged-in and have your current membership details shown to you, you can update these details (if required), and then enter your forums username in the bottom field. Click the 'Update Details' button to save.

    Voila! Your forum posts will now have an Netrider member logo appearing beside all your posts. You can now proudly show you are a Netrider member, if you wish.

    If you have any problems with getting to edit/update your membership details (eg. You forget your membership password, and no longer have access to your membership email address so can't receive your new password), then please contact us and we can assist. You will need to provide name, address, and what your membership email address is so that we can ensure it's really you and update your membership record with your new email address.
  2. excelent work gentlemen. happy as a fly on S
  3. What clever little vegemites they are!! Thanks, Vic and Jason.

    We will, of course, get longer threads if mostly members post, since there will be fewer posts per page, but what the hey......
  4. I am a member have a membership card and a number but my logo doesnt show up ????
    when logging in says details are wrong
    member 921 :shock:
  5. i couldn't log in using my number, kept getting SQl errors. so used the good ole email and it seems to have worked
  6. Cool. Now, its all connected up. :cool:
    I'm netrider member no. 201, but didn't become active until recently.
    Thanks to Lil and Scumbag.
    Thanks to Jason and Vic.
  7. No logo for me?

    Member #1909 :cry:
  8. All done,
    Good work :grin:
  9. I couldn't log in with my membership number and I have no idea what e-mail address I used for the membership.

    I've reset the password and hopefully it is still an email addy I can access *sigh*
  10. w00t I got it working, lol this is the first time i have actually logged into the page to view my details.
  11. I haven't tried it yet, but I know the e-mail address I had way back then is about 3 or so ISP's ago.

  12. No idea what my Netrider password is, so I decided to reset it.

    Entered my membership number, clicked "Reset Password" and got this:

    :-k :-k :-k
  13. Couldn't log in with member number either, but it works with email addy. Well done guys :grin:
  14. same here , kept getting an error with the number
  15. Great work Mouth ;)

  16. Nice work guys!!!!!!
  17. another test for logo here.

    Great idea BTW
  18. Glenn: hint, hint....
  19. Im a computer spastic, it didnt work for me either. oh well. I manually added my number.
  20. Hey Mouth,

    The Netrider logo links to the start of this thread.

    Why not have it link to the Membership/Join page instead to encourage newbies to join?