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Show your photographs

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by smee, Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. It's obvious Netrider has some talented (and not so talented) photographers and it would be nice to appreciate this talent so I am posting this thread for all photographers to offer up what they have got. No bike pics though this is purely photography appreciation of the non biking kind.
    Any critiques must be positive or constructive, definitely not nasty or negative.
    Please keep the file sizes low and a maximum of 3 pics per post but don't flood the forums either.
    Happy snapping folks!

    Oh and NO p0rn BROWNYY!!!!

  2. Re: Photographer's corner

    a few of mine to start off


  3. Re: Photographer's corner

    Very nice smee.

    I love the first and third one. The second is good but seems a bit dark to my untrained eye. Anyway, nice stuff.
  4. Re: Photographer's corner

    Port Fairy Vic

    The next two are scanned prints so not quite as sharp.

    St Lucia West Indies. (This one was published in The Age travel pages).
    What's a model farm without an old Holden rusting away?

    Killarney Ireland
  5. Re: Photographer's corner

    Love the St Lucia shot complete with rusted kingswood.
  6. Re: Photographer's corner

    Nice work Smee.

    A few of mine.



  7. Re: Photographer's corner

    Smees aircraft shot is good and so is that third one of DD's - very nice shot. I like the way smee's looks as if it's an aerial shot with the clouds in the background..
  8. Re: Photographer's corner

    These are all shit.

    Where's the home made p0rn. (Hot female members only).
  9. Re: Photographer's corner

    Well go on Browny, put some up :rofl:
  10. Re: Photographer's corner

    But females don't have "members" :cheeky:
  11. Re: Photographer's corner

    when I get home lowercase I will, they aren't on my work computer... ;)
  12. Re: Photographer's corner

    New life forms evolving in a forgotten saucepan of cooked rice

  13. Re: Photographer's corner

    did you name them all?
  14. Re: Photographer's corner

    Water droplets with Macro Lens
    Snowflakes with Macro Lens
    My Daughter
  15. Re: Photographer's corner

    Cool, love photo threads. Here's a couple from a recent trip:

    Below is near the entrance to Akiyoshido caves near Yamaguchi, Japan (Camera: Canon 1000D 18mm, ISO 100, 6/10th Sec, F8.0 Processing: Not much, crop, levels, curves.)[​IMG]

    Izakaya in Kyoto, Japan (Camera: Canon 1000D 18mm ISO1600 1/20th, F3.5 Processing: 3 image Photomerge, Levels, Curves.)[​IMG]

    Todai-ji Temple, Nara, Japan - Largest wooden structure in the world (Camera: Canon 1000D 18mm ISO200, 1/160th, F8 Processing: 5 image Photomerge, Warp, Levels, Colourise.)
  16. Re: Photographer's corner

    sweet, thanks guys! added some to my screensaver images :D
  17. Re: Photographer's corner

    Loving these photo's!
  18. Re: Photographer's corner

    I'd crop out the fingers and then crop a little off the left too so it was centred :)
  19. Re: Photographer's corner

    I also really like that shot of the cute baby in the pot. And because I really like I I would probably improve on it even further by doing only two things:

    - to remove the knuckles as lowercase suggested (but I like the original composition so I would probably just photoshop them out as below (didn't have the original obviously so it's a bit of a bodge job, sorry :grin:).

    - to change the 'levels' of the picture. It's really beautiful, but doesn't have any/much pure black or pure white in it. Most is in the middle ground leading to a flat look. If you have photoshop (image>adjustments>levels) or another program, you can set a pure black level and a pure white level. (I realise you may well know all about this).

    Personal preference is ... well ... personal obviously, but I quite like the pop of a high contrast pic. Notice the eyes pop out more. If it was mine and I had full res, I'd probably try a few other things too, but I have just done those two things below, see what you think.

    I think it's a great pic, well done :)

  20. Re: Photographer's corner

    Here are a few shots from when i was over in Thailand with my friends and Fiance..... First time using the DSLR (Canon 450D).

    The shots you guys have are really good - are you guys shooting in RAW or still staying in JPEG mode?

    Lobby of the place we were staying at:

    The bridge on the river Kwai:

    The girls having a water fight after touring some magnificent Hongs:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.