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show your cruiser!

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by _joel_, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Ok, so i got nothing right now to zoom in on.
    but here we go
    there she is, the "summer-only" steed.
    this pic was taken before she went in to the lockup at the old's for winter :)

  2. Here's mine :)

  3. Virago XV1100

    Not that she is running at the mo. She is keeping the garage filled. :grin:

  4. Nice bike future :grin: .

    I would post a picture of mine ,but never posted a picture before :? .
    Futures gots a good one of mine ,,,hint hint. :LOL:
  5. Hint taken.... :grin: Sleddog's really nice Suzuki Boulevard M50

  6. Geez that was quick .

    Cheers :grin:
  7. [​IMG]

    Now for sale :( :(
  8. Hey you stole my idea Joel.. :p

    Anyway here is the Boulevard ..

  9. Well here is Nadeen on her pride and joy, was a big step up to the 1100 from the 250. But well worth it to be able to keep up with me ( well sort off :twisted: )


    I've been known to ride it every now and then as well, takes me a few k's to adjust my riding style and her to stop yelling at me from behind about trying NOT to scrape the pegs :? :LOL:
  10. this forum needs a harley thread :grin:

  11. Motorcycles aren't dangerous enough - we need more women riders to hit the road in high heel boots.
  12. Nice bike Joel - what year??

    Here's my old Dyna Wide Glide - sold to a mate, who's enjoying Crusin'

  13. Well, it's about time there was some cruiser love on the board. Here's an old pic of my Vulcan. I've recently fitted a driving light bar but haven't got around to taking a photo yet. This thread might be the inspiration I need.

  14. &
    96 harDley davidson FXDWG (kinda just like your ol' beast alex ;) )
    harley motor=>gooooone
    thumpin' S&S motor=> in

    duzz monozzz, sik, fully, bro :rofl:
    i dont really ride the fuggen thing (often), but if you knew my family, you'd understand how it came to me, and why it's necessary :)
  15. here my ride a 06 hyo gv650 with some mods i removed the factory sissy bar to make room for the top box since this photo i have installed front leds (lights) which i have been told to remove by the cops rear leds in the top box behind the red panel for extra brake lights cut out a section of the exhaust internals for more noise removed the hyo badges but not the aquila ones and the idiot stickers on top of tank but anyway here she is

  16. I found a great looking Vn250 on the weekend, the deposit is down and I’ll pick it up sometime later in the week.


  17. Ready to ride to Orange:


    On way to a wedding:

    Heading back to Sydney:
  18. its not what we ride but why we ride.....heres one of my toys..



    I dont ride to escape life, i ride to stop life escaping me.

    mod edit : max 3 pics only
  19. MIne is just a M50 - for now

    See Sleddog's pic, mine is the same!.

    What mods have people done?
    I have braided lines, TFI unit, Air Horns, a Ventura Rack, modded intake, debadged, a Starcom1 comms system, and a large dent in the fronmt header pipe due to a kangaroo (deceased)

    Only had it 8 months, but done 12500 kms
    Longest trip was 3600 kms in 3 1/2 days ( mlb, coolangatta, Goondowindi, Dubbo, Mlb

    I ride every day - it is my commuting vehicle as well.

    BUT... the 109 will be mine.
    Have some investm,ent properties, seem to keep buying them, and every time I get close to buying the 109, another one pops up, and I buy it.
    instead of the 109.

    But it will be mine.
    Prefer the Blue, but will see what the new years colours are.
  20. Get the blue and white 109 ,it looks freaken great. :grin: