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N/A | National Show Us Your Racing Pics

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Colonel Coleman, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. image. image. Got a good pic from racing you want to share. Chuck it in here

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  2. image. image. image. image. image. image.
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  3. Which of the several thousand I have from late 1975 to around 1983 would you like to see???
  4. All of them. Post away.
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  5. here you go...early 80's winton....
    in the dirt, none of the modern day crap like garages, electricity, tyre warmers, concrete etc......when men were men.......and btw the food at the Winton trackside caf was shit back then too....

    early80s racing.
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  6. Love the stripes on the suits
  7. Any or all, it's up to you, would like to see them. You choose the pictures you like best.
  8. Some great pics Colonel. The contrasting colours and brightness levels really work well. Who took the pics?

    Bought myself a cup of chips from the Winton trackside Cafe 18 months ago. I think half of them are still stick in my colon...
    MP 3 TURN 3.

    Here is my favorite pic of myself. Camera man did a great job of making me look better than I am. Morgan Park, turn 3, round 3, race 1.
    I got to find a better spot for the GoPro. I keep head butting it...
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  9. King Images takes them. He is the official photographer at the track. He does CD's up of you from the entire weekend for $50. I get the raw file and process them myself. Believe it or not they are done on my phone in the Photoshop express app. I get one each time and you get heaps of photo's. Those are just from Rnd 3. I normally post all of them in my race reports on Facey, and pick the best out to process.

    They really help you with your style and where you need to improve.

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    I wasn't racing for very long. About the only pictures I have, are the scans I did of my lap charts and I've already posted those...

    LOL. Pic I wish I did have, the moment I got baulked by a slower rider about 3 laps into my first ever official practice / qualifying run, resulted a few seconds later in a minor low speed off on the grass, but at the time I first realised I was in trouble, I was tipped in slightly, doing about 170 ~ 180, and the backmarker in front of me drifted off the nice wide entry line he was taking and started an extremely early turn in, while going about 50k slower than me. There was no way I could pull it up, no way I could really avoid him, so I let go the brakes and made sure I got past before he crossed my line, but that had the inevitable consequence of entering the corner doing about 80k too fast.... I think my eyes completely filled the visor. "Dinner plates" is one description. ... That reminds me, I've still got to finish fixing that fibreglass...

    It was the slow(ish) right hander at the far northern end of Morgan Park. That'd be turn 10? There's two more corners after that one, the flip flop before the start / finish straight.
  11. cool, only a second slower than the fastest lap!
  12. LOL. Yeah, for a bloke who didn't start his racing career until he was 49, I don't think I sucked as bad as I might have...

    What that chart doesn't tell you, is I was coming off complete last on the grid, and the first few laps you have some mobile obstacles to negotiate... My standing laptime looks pretty ordinary. That's not so much because of how slow I was off the mark, it's because of how slow all the plonkers are going, and you have to wade through them... Even if you can lap at nearly the pace of the fast men, you can't do it while you're wading through the tiddlers...
  13. Cooking times Kneedragon! My best time is still a second off that and I only been able to do that under a race not practice. I always seem to be a second slower in practice and qualifying.
    You can see from the time differences of 15 seconds that its trouble waiting to happen.
    Yep turn 10. Not a place I would particularly like to run off. Get that glass fixed and get back out there!
  14. Wish I could, mate. That was Feb 2012. June 2012 I went down to the Oxley Hwy to meet some McNews Forum people, for their mid winter get together and ride at Ginger's Creek. I was ten days on life support and lost 6+ weeks of memory entirely. I have permanent brain damage and a pelvis held together with mechano. The much loved black ZX14 (the Lady MacBeth) is no longer of this world. I have neither ridden or driven since. I never say never, but I don't expect to be back racing all that soon. I dreamed of doing it for about 40 years. I'm just glad I did get to have a play with it. It's one of my more treasured memories.
  15. Not to be picky, but those times are for the 2.5km circuit used in the Warwick Challenge cup, not the full 2.967km circuit. And the joys of qualifying in an all in mix up. Bit like the Masters of Morgan Park :)

  16. Thinking ... not sure. You could well be right. The first meeting I did they had part closed off, made a longer back straight. I'm not entirely sure that result sheet is for the first meeting I did or the second, which was around the longer track...

    I'll go have a dig through the old pics on photo bucket and get back to you...
  17. i have all the info in front of me on my laps. Last session, group 3 2.5km circuit. No turns 5-7. I recognised some of the racers and know their times as they are competitors and there is no way they do those times on the full track :)

    Mick was just getting excited and starting to think he was slow

    Simon Dickson was doing 1:18's on a CBR250

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  18. You're quite right. All the ones I have up there are from the first meeting, and it was on the shorter track. The second meet I did was on the long track, but I don't have scans of that and don't ask me where the paperwork is... That's sort of why I scanned it stuck it up on photo bucket.

    My results were similar. I was starting about 12th or 14th or something, and getting 6, 5, 5, 5, 5, 4 or something... I remember I was much MUCH further off the quickest time, and we had about 3 or 4 blokes there who I thought should not have been anywhere near an absolute beginner's class, because they clearly weren't... I think their paint jobs cost more than my bike...