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Show us your Lids!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by philmydang, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. After a quick search it seems some people on NR are riding with helmet hawks pigtails etc. I'm yet to see anyone on the road with these, but I think they're pretty sweet.

    This is my lid:


    I've had various comments ranging from 'cool' to 'tool' but I'll keep wearing em regardless - if anything it makes me more visible! I sure didn't choose to ride a motorcycle to blend in.

    Show us your tits!... i mean lids. Post pics please
  2. i'm so damned sexy.

    peace ;)

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  3. I used to ride with two blond pigtails such onto my helmet. Had to take them off because they were constantly tugging at my neck and shoulders, after a long ride, it was getting a bit much. I got lots of comments, one lady asked how I drilled a hole through the helmet to let my hair through. Im thinking about putting them back on again, it was fun.

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  4. You don't happen to ride down Liverpool Rd to the City of a morning do you?

    I think there's a female riding with an all pink Ninja and a pink one of those on the same route.

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  5. no, that wouldn't be me. You're more likely to see me riding down to Stanwell Park via the rnp of a weekend :)
  6. [​IMG]

    My first Roadbike helemt, cost me $100 with the bike. Saving my pennies up so I can order a Bell M1 from the UK.
  7. soon to be available to the public :) Australia's lightest helmet

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  8. I like your helmet :woot::woot:
  9. How light are they?? That carbon fibre helmet looks pretty nifty
  10. 1250 grams +/- 50 grams for an XL size and they will be sub $600 and they are both Carbon Fibre ( actually quad composite )
  11. Moto- That 2nd helmet looks fking awesome so going on my wish list.
    Do you have a front pic of it?
  12. as requested - the good thing is Geeth that my on-road rep ( mick from micks leather repairs: http://www.micksfixleatherrepairs.com) will have them with him ( each size xs to xxl) at all the race meeting he attends for people to try one on then if they want to purchase one they contact me.

    Not many stores will carry my range because they are not interested ( many have said "its not a SHOEI so not interested thanks" )

    still trying to think of a "branding name" though - have 1 idea but its a bit long for a name ( 7charachters - I think it should be maximum of 5 but not an acronym like KBS , HJC, CIA, GAY etc ) -- may have to run a competition and the winner gets a helmet

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  13. Having the smoked visor ( bottom right ) tested to see if it meets AS1609 - if it does it becomes a legal tinted visor

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  14. Really like those pics mate. Also really nice not to have a massive logo in the way of the design.
  15. Thank you Geeth - I am trying for "understated" in the logo
  16. My effort!!:

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  17. wow scrunchies and all
  18. Yup!!....:p. they certainly get some attention!!... :grin: Actually, one came off (they stick on via suction).. must have looked like someone got scalped!!...
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  19. ---------------

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