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Show us your Length!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by _joel_, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. go to maps.google.com.au and plot your plans for mondays commute to work.
    bet ya cant beat mine! :LOL:
    click for map
    wont leave much time for road-makin' :shock:

  2. damn joel, your definately taking the long way round, wouldn't it be quick to go up thru canberra out urriara road throught to wee jasper instead? 180km opposed to 244km :shock:

    you suck :p hope you doing it on the bike :grin:
  3. :LOL:
    if only i only had to visit wee jasper!
    got a job in cooma, tumut, wee jasper, and binalong.
    i will need redbull :LOL:
  4. ah bugger that, you need some pulses, vodka and guarana talk about a buzz, party all night on that sh!t :LOL:
  5. A mate has a farm at wee jasper ,and looking at your maps I then used the satalite to see it from the air and bloody hell its big :shock: .

    Tar Nothingham road for me will ya I don't have me jeep any more and don't think my hyundai will hold together on the dirt. :LOL:

    Hey James I got your PM :grin:
  6. hyundai i thought you had a corolla sled

    so your in? i will text you next week to let you know more details
  7. NAA its a Hyundai with full body skirts and mags mate it's like fully sick and stuff. :p .

    And I'm in :grin: ,shaz just got home and I asked her and she mubbled yeah sure ,don't know if she will remember but. :LOL: :LOL:
  8. haha one of those weekends is it? :LOL:
  9. :grin:
    Well I guess that probably seems like a long trip to a mexican (look at me in QLD a year and I'm already baggin' fellow southerners! :oops: shame on me!)

    Anyoo I can bet that easy peasy!!! On Monday I ride the Zed to work (only 15mins) get dropped off in the company car to the airport (3mins) take a light plane (1.1/2 hrs) a taxi (20mins) then a 30,000 tonne Cargo Ship (3hrs) out at sea to a larger (usually around 150,000 tonne) Cargo Ship, then walk across a zinc feeder to the other Cargo Ship! And all for about 1 hours work!
    Then back across the zinc feeder to the cargo ship, wait for the unload (around 6 hours, if nothing goes wrong) then begin the journey back.

    So what do you think? Do I win :grin: :shock: :p hehehe
  10. Today's Commute

    started early, and already knocked off :cool:
    cobargo, nelligen, majors creek, mogo :grin:

    i need to see it plotted on google maps to make a decision :LOL: :p
  11. Ok Joel, here it is, with my very limited technical ability (sorry about the ah link :oops:
    Couldn't continue the journey out to sea, :( but after the last point i go 30mile north out to sea - and then back again! :grin: :LOL:
    hehe Come on dont I get a prize or something?

    really long link that joel fixed!