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Show us your clips!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by kneedragon, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. We have a generic funny pics thread, but seems every time anybody wants to post a funny (or offbeat but interesting) video, they start a new thread. Most of them get one video clip, and perhaps 8 ~ 10 comments, and then they get old... slowly.

    This is meant to be for funny clips, but also if you just have something you want to share, but doesn't fit any place else...

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  2. This is not quite what I had in mind, but there's nowhere else to put it...

    Now take note of the date. This is not historic '80s footage of the big daddy Group 'B' car, this was shot in 2010. They pulled one out of the museum and then found the man who used to race them 30 years ago, and squeezed him back into the seat...

    Walter's day job, these days, is chief test driver for Porsche. Young folks may wonder why you'd want a 93 year old fossil as your number one tester. First show them a clip of Walter racing this very car in about '85. Then show them this clip and point out the date. And ask them if they could do any better. It's NOT an easy car to drive... It's got massive understeer and massive oversteer, and not much space between them.

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    Seeing as I'm talking about cars...

    Mostly I like the commentary...

    I think we need a local list. I nominate ...
    1/ XD Falcon
    2/ EX Falcon
    3/ Torana Sunbird
    4/ Camira, esp the early ones.
    5/ ... not sure. Do I have to stay Australian? The Morris Minor, and Marina both deserve a bullet... ok - if Australian
    5/ Leyland P-76.
    6/ Valiant Regal. (more so the early models, by the time it went away they'd fixed it rather nicely.)
    The FJ was a special car, with a special place in history, but if you push patriotism to one side, in many ways it wasn't a terribly good car.
    Same goes for the HQ. There were some things about it that were excellent, but in general, it was a late 50s or early 60s car, in a late 70s world. 15 years earlier, even ten, it would have been a champion. As it was, people kept buying the damn things, so GM kept making them...
  4. You forgot the HD Holden. GM-H would like everyone to forget that one.
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    Yeah, I tend to lump those with the HR. The EH has the excuse that it was earlier....

    They both had the habit or pattern, that they'd make something, and then improve it a bit, and then a bit more, and then they'd get sick of it and do something different, and screw the pooch for a decade. For example, XA 6/10, XB 7/10, XC 8/10, ... XD 1/10... Holden did the same at the VL / VN mark. I believe (I haven't tried one) the dunny-doors they make now are actually quite nice...

    I'd like an old VB or VC, and drop an RB30T out of a VL in it. (And turn up the boost just a smidgin...) I guess you wouldn't leave the suspension stock, and if you stiffen up a VL it comes back to more or less the same thing as a VB, so... it just appeals to me to have a fairly stock looking 1980 VB that has 800 or so horses under it...

  6. Next time someone posts a "hero" story or clip, show them this. Watch Paul's complete mastery of his bike, and the road. Watch the speedo, and think about the last time you rode the Black Spur

    Of course, it's all done in the best possible taste hah hah
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  7. Jeff? I've seen this done in real life. At art class, in (I think) year 9, we had a silly old biddy who took art, and it was a standing joke to try and get as close to the limit is you could... So one student drew a female parts, with the faint lines of the inner thighs and great detail on the parts. So old Billy Wallace walked up and watched him for a few seconds, and then asked what's that? So he looked up and smiled, told her it was a Greek Urn. She looked dubious, so he turned the thighs into the handles, and the parts made up the neck, and then he drew the body of the urn in what was the gap between the thighs... I think he MUST have worked it all out before he started. It all fit perfectly... It was pure genius. Mr Squiggle, eat yer heart out.
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  8. would have been funny to see that one.
    & how did you guess my name :LOL:
  9. Wow. Fast. And mental of course. But fast....
  10. Thinking back over that I THINK the YouTube version is edited. I strongly recall in the middle of the clip I saw originally Paul passed three cars at about 120+ on the back wheel!!!
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  12. I'm ignorant here - should I know who you're talking about?
  13. No, Paul was Netrider ten years or so ago, people like smee and other oldies would be the only ones who remember him.
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  14. Ever wanted to learn to play a musical instrument?

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    Not QUITE sure where (or if) to mention this, but Bugatti have shown their Veyron replacement at a Euro car show. It's called the Bugatti Chiron. There are heaps of clips up there about it, but not one that I'd actually recommend or link to at this stage... There's a long one of a company spokesman, talking about it for 15 minutes, making mileage about the tradition and the French names and all, but he sounds like Colonel Klinc... I think he looked at a sexy photo of a French girl once.

    Rumour is, the new car makes 1,500 hp, it will top 420k, it has stiffness and torsional rigidity that is only matched by a current LMP1 car. The traction control stuff has a 'drift' mode, which is designed to help you hoon around in it. It looks a like a Veyron with a facelift, but it is pretty much a new car, and they say (claim) they've put just as much effort into handling and dynamics and feedback, as they have into top speed.

    Am I impressed? Well, it looks like a Veyron only better, to me, but it costs about $2 mil EU BASE. You'd expect to be impressed. There'd be something very wrong if you were not.

    remove the space after the www and the link should work...

    https://www .youtube.com/watch?v=S3v8FUbHWo4
  16. Meh. Too many wheels. Not impressed. To be fair, I haven't been really impressed by a car since I saw a Giocattolo passing through Young.
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  17. Yeah, too many wheels. But I'd love a Chiron or a La Ferrari, or the latest Huayra... I'd like a couple of girlfriends who are Victoria's Secret models, too. And a 20 year old McLaren F1 GTR.

    Ah, I didn't know there was video of it. I know it went pretty good backwards...