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Show us yer 3rd party prop!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of insurance claims assessors suddenly cried out in orgasm and were suddenly silenced. We read something terrible has happened...

    Farkin' whoops!

    A 29-year-old learner driver has been charged with several driving offences after allegedly causing a four-car collision in Sydney's west last night.

    Police said the man returned a blood-alcohol reading of 0.23 after causing a four-car crash on Stephen St, Blacktown at 6.30pm.

    His licence was suspended and he was charged with drink driving, negligent driving, being an unaccompanied learner and not displaying his "L" plates.

    The man was granted conditional bail and is due to appear in Blacktown Local Court on April 10.

    Unlucky champ!
    I'm sure Blacktown Court will be impressed with your 4 car record [beating the previous local record by a whole car!].

    He mustn't have read the bit of the handbook that tells you not to drink 8 beers and drive unaccompanied while not displaying your L-plate.

    ... you gotta display your L-plate when doing that kind of stuff.
  2. Yeah, he just didn't wanna be drawn attention to himself for not displaying his L's... pity that whole, accident thing got in the way... And the amount of swerving that must have been done at that level of intoxication :shock:
  3. And to those that argue that licence suspension is a stupid penalty, and that driving unlicenced is no big deal, do YOU want to share the roads with morons like this?

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. news.com.au today reported that 10% of drivers on the road are either unlicensed or driving suspended; I reckon that figure's out by many percent.....
  5. 29 years is old to be a learner... Unless he previously lost his license for something similar.

    Crazy stuff.
  6. +1 hit me and I am going to take the bastard to court... :twisted:
  7. And there, some softc*&^ magistrate will feel sorry for them and award them to pay like 15% of damages plus $1 a year forever........

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. I beg to differ ..... I know a few alot older than 29 ( for fear of a horrible death im not revealing there ages ) that have just got there L's and or P's for that matter.

    My x m/inlaw got her Licence at 50! ** tell me it's not wierd teaching someone twice your age to drive ** :cool:
  9. andrew me old mate you fill me with such hope and glee at my prospects :LOL: