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Show us ya furry family member

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nobby, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. This is Lucy, she's 15yrs old, survived cancer twice, only has 3 teeth and I'm sure she has Menopause cause she can be a biatch to live with. Pic taken at the docks in Hobart. The gut in the fat shirt is mine..


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  2. She became a royal pain in the ass

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  3. I'd show ya mine, but my wife would kill me and I'd get banned.
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  4. She's only 8 months old and not happy about what's going to happen...

  5. Sammy - Unfortunately when I moved interstate he couldn't join me. But I am still in contact with his new owner and he is happy running around a 5 acre property.
    He was a Shepherd X Ridgeback but only just above knee high. Fantastic fella.


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  6. This is Cooper, our 5 year old Australian Kelpie.
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  7. I thought for a second this would be about the other definition of 'furry'. Thank God it is not and thank God none of my family members are into that, or atleast I don't know that they are into it and I don't have any photos.

    If you don't know what it is I suggest not googling furries if you or on a work computer.
  8. This is Barkly. My 3yo Cocker Spaniel.

    Dogs are the best people...






    (sorry for the pics, I couldn't decide).
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  9. nice looking Blue Roan Luke, do you show him?

    We had an Orange Roan for many years and also a Golden, great with kids these dogs.
  10. +1

    used to have a cocker spaniel just like this one, best dog i ever had!
  11. Cockers are awesome dogs. Nearly ended up with an orange roan but the deal fell through so I ended up with a blue.

    I don't show him - but we do compete in agility (jumps, tunnels, ramps, etc). He's a clever dog and he's got a few agility titles.
  12. belle my beagle x king charles cavalier

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  13. she likes sitting on the bean bags lol :D
  14. What... no pussies yet???
  15. Reminds me heaps of my parents' mini pincer, exact same color scheme and similar shape! Different breed though.
  16. Here's me with Rastus

    canberra zoo.

    Which didn't impress The Mixter too much

    mixter small.

    The old Mixter never has been very photogenic.
  17. Our moccasin aka Oscar 14 years old and still acts like a pup.

  18. spread a little with age.
  19. [​IMG]
    Rusty, 3yo Red cattle x. Loves bicycles, hates lawnmowers, gets awfully confused when the motorbikes fire up.