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Show this UK advert on AUS TV?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mouth, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. As Is

  2. Re-Dub with AUS voice and terms/phrases

    0 vote(s)
  3. Completely re-shoot in AUS

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  4. No, don't display it on AUS TV

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  1. Did you notice where the rider's helmet was facing in relation to the direction of his legs? Nasty.
  2. I don't think there is any safety advert for the cages to watch out for riders.
    So any would be good.
    Correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. re-shoot.

    TAC can go better than that :p they tend to look more realistic, and aren't afraid to go more graphic either.

    either way, an ad like this on TV would have great effect i believe, or at least make more attempt than sweet fanny adams...
  4. Hell Yeah, more publicity the better I reckon!!!
    Damn Cagers, LOL
  5. what an awesome ad :!:

    definately should be shown here in whatever variation

  6. Either that one or similar could be a real eye-opener for many.

    Why do you ask?
  7. There is one in QLD at the moment, not sure if it is Aus wide or not though...
  8. remember back in the 90's when the MRA had that "look left look right look bike" thing going. That wasn't bad. every car in my family and extended family had that sticker on their bumper. didn't stop my uncle getting his duke smashed in two by a careless driver back then...but it all helps.
    i reckon the MRA should be lobbying the govt to get an ad up and running - you know do something with that extra rego fee's.
  9. I went to a TAC funded research sessions last night. They showed a few ad's and wanted feedback. This ad was one of them. It was obvious from the line of questioning and focus that they wanted to know a) if this ad would acceptable, and b) if they could just show it on tv as is; voice-over is with an Oz accent; or re-shoot it totally.

    Thought I'd replicate the question here :)
  10. Yes- a great motorcycling awareness campaign has just been launched up here in QLD.

    The more publicity the better I say.
  11. I will say one thing for the Qld Govt, they are trying to make cagers aware of the bikes out there, good to see some TV ads on the idiot box, and I notice a couple of be aware of bike Billboards around Cairns, They could be doing more, but every little bit helps.
  12. Are they the billboards where the cage tail-ends you at the traffic lights trying to read them? :shock:
  13. That's interesting. I sent a link to that ad to the TAC a few weeks back. Maybe they do listen! ;)
  14. do you know if they're up on youtube yet? I would love to see them but a trip up north is not on the cards for a while.
  15. I thought that was a great ad!!! (In terms of awareness!)
    Made me jump out of my chair!!!!! :shock:

    I think shock-value tends to hit home more especially when it demonstrates just how quickly it can happen!

    Jason, do you have any idea if they're bringing it to our TV? Or still just in the "Sussing out" stage?
  16. Yes, it will be on-air in Vic in time for MotoGP time period. Either as-is, or re-dubbed. If the polling says in needs to be re-shot, then it most likely will not make it.
  17. wont make it in time for the GP, or wont make it on air??

    coz if thats a deciding factor regarding airing it, then bugger it just re-dubb! anything is better than nothing!!
  18. I like it - better then anything QLD Transport has done. A school kid could of made a better campaign. (How much of it is because of the retarded transport minister paul lucas is unknown though)