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Show some respect

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by BitSar, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. A little rant follows.....

    I live in an apartment building with a communal underground carpark which has car stackers. Each apartment is allocated to one stacker.

    I park the cage outside and use my allocated carspace for the bike.

    The floor plate of the stacker is a corrugated steel arrangement which is not conducive to a kickstand - So I improvised and have created a nice flat surface for my bike with deckboards.

    When I returned to my bike this morning, parked in my allocated spot on my stacker I see this :furious:

    This scooter has been nosed in next to my bike with minimal clearance on my left (mounting) side - they have locked the steering so I can't wheel it out.....I wanted to kick the F$%king thing over with the stacker in the upright position giving it a nice 2.5m drop to the floor below....I didn't

    I find a note stuck to the fuel tank of my bike saying something of the likes:

    "Hi.....I've just bought this piece of shit scooter and the stacker floor plates are all corrugated so it won't sit on the centre stand. I parked it here because you have a nice flat surface - I hope you don't mind, thanks......blah and BS"

    They leave their apartment number so I knock on their door.

    I say - "Hi, yes the floor is not good for Bikes, that's why I modified my stacker - You can leave that thing here today, but not again - if you would like some help modifying your stacker I am happy to help. Cheers"

    If it shows up again I am raising the stacker and pushing the F#$ker off :censored:

    ::end of rant
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  2. It's only a scooter, do it anyway :bolt:
  3. At least its not a maori dude 3 times your size who decided your clearly marked car space was his.
  4. ^ Hahahaha true - although with my level of:
    "I am not the man with whom to F%$k"
    This morning I don't think it would have mattered at the time.......
  5. Isn't leaving the note showing some respect?
  6. I would put a 'For Sale - $100' sign on the scooter in reply.
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  7. Stacker, eh...:-k
    you know if I had one of those jiggers, I could keep half a dozen bikes under it and the missus wouldn't even know...
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  8. Even free to good home might not help.
  9. maybe

    "Land Fill - Help Yourself"
  10. Ok jokes aside, they overstepped the mark but you responded well and have offered to help them do the modification so they should take the hint. Was the scooter rider male or female? If she is female perhaps she is making the opening move ;) now that I think about it in these enlightened times even if they are male. :) :) :)
  11. What a wanker kick it over
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  12. Haha :D

    The scooter owner was female - although I think my misses might have something to say about any amorous engagements :rofl:

    They did overstep the mark by sidling their scooter into such a small gap (you may not be able to see clearly how close it actually is from the photo)

    What really pi$$es me off is that scooter riders (in general) don't get it.
    They don't have respect for road craft, parking, giving people space, holding a line and all together riding.

    I commute rain or shine everyday and the amount of disrespectful road use I observe from the scooter brethren is astonishing.

    I guaran-well-tee you that I'd never see a Motorcycle attempt to nose into the same space as the scoot.....
  13. NO......simply put

    FYI sticky TAPPING a note to a bike fuel tank is not a way to win friends.....
  14. #14 snuff3r, Oct 13, 2011
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    Leaving a note is more than you get from most scooter riders at least.
  15. Never mind that - was she hot?
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  16. ^ Unfortunately not
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  18. If she'd asked first, I would more than happily accommodate another 2-wheeler - scooter or not.
    But to take the liberty of parking there and assume it'd be OK? Not on. Not on at all. Communal areas like these in apartment buildings can only work when everybody respects what little space the others have.

    That there, is everything that is wrong with society today.
  19. what the feck is a "stacker"???

    also, of late I am a scooter rider (borrowed) due to negligence by a blind cager / truckie, i still ride the same lines as the bike, and generally ride it like I stole it

    i was out there rain / hail / shine on the bike and continue to do so on the scooter

    it's all i've got at the moment until my restrictions end in 4 months time, so don't tar me with that brush you're waving around. thanks.

    and yes she was an arrogant biatch by parking the way she did.

    and so what if the chick was not hot?? fat ugly chicks need love too!! how else do you explain Susan Boyle, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Jessica (horse knee) Parker and Renee Zellweger?? Shade in the summer, warm in the winter and all that...
  20. Yep I was a scooter rider myself - I can post up some pretty awful pics of bikes parking in awful ways. If you are a cock or a tit you are a cock or a tit what you ride is just coincidental