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show off crashes doing wheelie

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by LCGTR1970, May 18, 2010.

  1. #1 LCGTR1970, May 18, 2010
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    hi all
    my brother sent this originally to my phone, but its now on youtube.
    He plays in a band and was at practice when a bloke they know rocked up on his new bike. cost him $5000.
    Hes had it for a few weeks and thinks he is casey stoner.
    anyway he was talking himself up about how he can do 'mad monos', so they gee'd him up to do one to prove it....
    this is the result...i pissed myself laughing.

  2. suck shit to him, wish he landed on his head, teach him a lesson
  3. If anyone did that to my bike....&^&%$#%^&&#%$....:demon::evil:
  4. HAHAHA.

    Full points for dropping one on a 125
    No points for dropping the 125
  5. Yeah I'm kind of impressed that he got it to wheelspin AND wheelie at the same time.. on a 125.
    And quite quickly too.

    Just a shame he has no talent, or dignity anymore :p
  6. hahahahahahahaha thats awesome.

    the best part is when he fails.
  7. im very impressed by this too, 1.5hp and it chucks a longer skid than my bike
  8. i just love how he tries to act cool by saying..." i was aiming for that...totally'
    ummm...im pretty sure you werent aiming at dropping your new bike mate...
  9. can u tell that bloke to join netrider so we can have some fun with him :D
  10. If you see someone with a Netrider name of DDC (Downed Dumb C*#%) you'll know he's finally arrived....what an idiot.
    What surprises me (or really, should it ?) is that he was willing to try it again. I'm sure if that's the case there's no bike left...!
  11. I love how people think other people are completely and utterly serious when they say things like "yeh, I was trying to do that" after completely failing.
    ummm... im pretty sure they don't intend, let alone expect, for anyone to believe them.

    But otherwise, complete respect. Anyone here thinks that they could wheelie and pop a burn out on a two wheeled whipper snipper?
  12. I am just wondering how he got wheelspin and a wheelie on a 125.

    But damn that was funny. You know he will upgrade to an R1
  13. Wicked! Can't wait for him streetfighter it & find out it's actually a scooter!

    Part 2 next week?
  14. Pfff.... How many of you would have the balls or the ability to get a 125 4-stroke up that far? I for one welcome our new hoon overlord who doesn't give a f*ck.
  15. It looks to me like that polished concrete like in car parks. That would explain the wheel spin. Not the best surface to be doin' wheelies on I'd imagine.
  16. That and the tyres on those things would prolly be about as soft as concrete.