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show me your desktop ;)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. hey people!

    i'm interested in peoples desktops and the images they choose, so post them up!

    i'll explain mine first - i love drew barrymore and her vibrant personality, love her movies and love that she's down to earth and open with her own sexuality.

    so here's mine for this week:

  2. I have this 1 of my helmet on i think it was the nepean dam's wall 1 day, just a phone pic, but i like it, it's relaxing

  3. Guess I'll bite.

    Been using these two for a while (left screen = laptop, right screen = external monitor). Got them from Deviantart I think.


  4. A screen shot from Shaun The Sheep

  5. Might get stabbed by the missus by posting my background, but oh well :p.
    I know ill go to heaven... :angel:

    edit: attaching the right picture :p.

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  6. :eek: I have a picture of my dogs
    i bought them from a pet shop 2 years ago; the last two of the litter in the window and i could'nt bare to separate them.
    the man said they would only be little dogs, not grow very big.:|
    maybe i feed them too much :?

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  7. wow some really cool desktops! any more??
  8. I will save the mods time

    <pic removed for t&c violation>
  9. ahahaha well played geeth!
  10. This is my work one.


    My home desktop computer.


    Can't remember what I have on the laptop...I just used it this morning too :?
  11. Pink Floyd fan here :D

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  12. I like the two different themes you employ for your desktop backgrounds, phongus.
    At work, it appears a case of 'All systems, GO !', and at home a nice relaxing contrast.
  13. Thanks Nickers...unfortunately systems don't always go at work, it's more of an optimistic theme haha.
  14. So, I'll bite.. Are you asking for wallpaper of desktop or desktop? :p

    Here's my wallpaper of main PC I use for net, just a default linux mint wallpaper

    And here's my desktop


    Yeah, I'm somewhat pedantic

    Anyway, I can't be bothered changing the desktop, my old Windows 7 install (haven't used for AGES tho) swaps in between pics of my daughter/wife-family, my other linux installs all have the default wallpaper I think from memory.
  15. I'm currectly using the "Australia" and "Landscapes" wallpaper sets from Windows 7 (Look in C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper), and a selection of wallpaper images from Australian Geographic.

    It is always nice to look at images from our own country, and support local photographers. They add photos from members and the magazine all the time. Now that you have reminded me, I think I'll see what new ones are there.

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  16. My background is a photoshop of the bike I am lusting after, a 450 exc motard.

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  17. Home:


    Great pic, just screams potential & freedom, really purposeful & simple.



    Mainly for inspiration to, well, keep working...
  18. On my lappy - which is also my big rig:


    The second screen is a crushed version of the same thing without the text, but I never bothered to fix it since I just leave Firefox open on that one permanently.
    I just noticed too that my rent reminder is a little out of date :p.. I'll go remove that now