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Show Car Photos [new Photographer]

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by Hypervisor, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. First camera, Took some photos. Not too bad I must say. Critique otherwise.

    556522_112078362306129_1875690733_n. 554350_112078495639449_1945725935_n. 337499_112054868975145_854054855_o. 290713_112054832308482_1873045260_o. 537143_112077748972857_1020883468_n.
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    Clearly once I get good enough, I will move onto Women then Bikes (y)

    Edit: When I attend a meet, I'll be happy to do free snaps & uploads for everyone. I don't provide prints, but will provide high-res images.
  3. Phaaark I agree with cazzo on something. Nothing quite like a naturally aspirated, big cube, high comp, big cam V8 in an old school metal bodied car. A ride or two in a 10 sec 60's model muscle car has a way of changing how you think about them. I might even post up some of my pickies as well :)
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  4. Oh man, you were going so well! Turbo, replacement for displacement :D
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. For sure man, the more the better! Actually wanted to go to Summernats this year with the new camera, But I had booked my Pre-learners test that day :rolleyes:
  7. He he he he. Try turboed V8's if you really want to widen your eyes. It's something pretty special to be comfortably cruising along at 120mph in 2 tonnes of cast iron & sheet metal, then flatten it and watch the horizon suddenly hurtle towards you at an alarming rate as the speedo needle disappears off the clock. Litre bike territory plus.
  8. [​IMG]

  9. I'm going to start operating the troll hammer soon.
    This area is NON bikes and will be treated with respect for the photographer thank you very much.
    Hyper, work on your angles and focus. Composition needs work as well .
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    The buggers are everywhere :)

    Edit arrrgh. I'll fix it when i get home
  11. get yourself a polarised filter to take out the reflections in the paint work and windows
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  13. Orson Scott Card fan?

    Speaking of litre bike territory...
  14. Couple more from the other day. Chrysler day by the bay :)




  15. [​IMG]

    Hey Charger :)