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Shoutout to Manheim Auction winner Suzuki GS500F

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Lugo, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. This is a long shot, but as I failed to provide it to the auction house prior to auction date, I figure I'll do my best to find out who the new owner is, so I can pass on all the things the bike came with when I purchased it last year.

    So, if the new owner happens to read this, or someone who knows the new owner, please get in touch with myself via PM providing sufficient information for proof of ownership.

    Bike details are as follows.
    2010 Build Suzuki GS500F in metallic grey, Victorian registration '1B-5TD'.
    Auctioned on the 4th or 5th of July from Manheim auctions in Altona.

    I have in my possession the Spare Key for the motorcycle, along with the original ownership manual and service books. I may also have the tool kit, not sure if that was on the bike when collected or not.

    I have also sent an email through to Manheim to see if they can be of any assistance, although I assume some privacy act will come into it forcing them to withhold any useful information.

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  2. Awww, that's good of you mate!
  3. Privacy shouldn't be an issue as you can give them your details and have them pass them on to the new owner who can choose wether or not to cantact you. But he'd be mad not to.
  4. Was it sold as a private entry? Repo? Company fleet?? You might have done him a favour there as auction companies tend to ask for a premium reserve price if the vehicle comes with spare keys, service books and history! Might be worth thanking with a bottle of the finest to the OP if the purchaser ever gets hold of the items.
  5. I'm not sure what you would classify it under.

    It was a repairable write off, and by that it was in a condition that could easily be ridden, just the expense of parts exceeded the value of the bike for a shop to do all the work get it back to perfect. I don't doubt that whoever purchased it has the intention of getting it back on the road, so the keys and stuff could be useful to them.

    I'm yet to hear back from Manheim yet, I might call them tomorrow and make the suggestion of them forwarding on my details, or even just providing me a phone number and name if they can. I'll keep you guys post though, and if in the meantime someone who does know the new owner pops by, please post up.
  6. My red Triumph Sprrint ST went through Mannheim in Sydney in June as a non-repairable writeoff, so I assume it would have been bought by a wrecker or as spares by an owner. Trouble is, they listed it as a 1992, not a 2002 so perhaps someone got a bargain. Prior to the shunt, it was in immaculate condition, but the accident caused major front end damage.

    Good luck finding the current owner - like you there were things I could have given them/told them about if I could contact them.
  7. Gonna bump this up just in case circumstances have changed and the owner sees this :) Had no luck to date locating the owner though. Going to give up soon :(