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Shout out to any VTR250 owners

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Samboss260, Jan 10, 2014.

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    A mate is looking at buying his first bike. I've steered him away from 125's and 150's and he is now considering a VTR250 which I have recommended as his shortlist of bikes.

    He has found one which we are looking at tomorrow. It's an 01 model and has 88k kms on it.

    It seems reasonably cheap, but ins saying that it is 13 years old and has a few miles.

    My question is to those who have had this bike with this many kays, any issues? Or should he steer right away?

    Also note, it is his first bike, he has never ridden before and also dropped his bike on his Qride road ride. So he is not keen on spending big dollars on a bike as he is worried that he will drop it once or twice. So cheap and cheerful is the motto here.

    Thanks for the input.

  2. It's a honda so if it's maintained it will go forever.

    Great commuter, narrow and zippy. The V-twin is torquey for it's size. Pulls happily from 5000RPM right up to 10500 where it runs out of steam.

    With my 80kg on board it's a bit slow on the freeway. It can maintain 110 up most hills but has nothing left in reserve.

    Oil changes every 6000, if this has been done (with evidence) then I would go for it.

    It's a naked so dropping it isn't that big of a deal. I've had to replace mirrors, gear lever and a couple of brake levers but they're cheap on ebay. One drop ripped the right-hand mirror out of the mount and broke the mount which was more exxy as the mount is also the brake master cylinder so I had to replace that and do fluid etc. I think the genuine master cylinder was only about $150 from PS so not too bad I guess.

    Unfortunately, cannot beat a v6 camry at the lights but is certainly better looking.
  3. I had a 2010 VTR250, great bike. I can't say the one with 88,000Kms is any good, but hondas are super reliable.

    If the bike rides as good as it should, then it'll be great to learn on. it'll be light enough to pick up if your friend drops it. and won't have expensive fairings to fix.
  4. ps - a 2010 VTR will beat a camry.
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  5. hey mate i'm in brissy and i've got a 2005 vtr250. I had bought mine with about 7000kms (unrego'd at the time and without any log books lol :/) a few months back.
    I think it's an awesome bike, i recently did the stay upright course at mt cotton and we went on the driver trainer road track (not a race track) but we still look is fairly decently through it and I was able to keep up with everyone else who had 600's etc. it was the first time i really got to 'throw' the bike around and it went great. anyway that doesn't relate to anything that you're asking about the reliability but..

    I think its best if u guys go look at a few other vtr's which are carbys' and compare how they feel to the 88,000km one. its impossible to tell from behind the computer screen.
  6. We bought an 06 VTR250 with 25K for my wife and she loves it! A year in and she's only now starting to say that it could use a little more power on the freeway. I don't think you can beat the Honda's. They're great to start on, reasonably inexpensive to service and they last.
  7. Just an update on this purchase. Well, my mate didn't exactly go about it the way I would have.

    Got his license last November.... and kept it from his wife.
    Went and put a deposit on a bike (not this VTR250, but a CB250R) and you guessed it... didn't tell his wife.

    He knew she was dead set against it all, but she lost it when she found out as he kept everything from her. Anyway, no ridey-bikey or anything now for my mate.
  8. how much is the CBR250R going for?
  9. $4,800 I think it was
  10. think he wants to know how much ur mate is selling his new acquired cbr for lol
  11. Ahhh.... sorry. He got his deposit back and didn't buy the bike.