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Shoulder Reconstructions - anyone had one?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by brownyy, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Hey all;

    After completing my 12th dislocation last saturday in my sleep while rolling over (6 a side now), and after a failed 8 months of physio trying to strengthen the stabilizer muscles (rotator cuff's and the other group) it's looking quite likely that a shoulder reco is needed.

    However I've heard mixed results from different sources on how much recovery you can get. I've had one un-fit / inactive person tell me they are fine and perfect and they regained 100% movement / strength, a rock climber tell me they have limited movement not been able to lift their arm to high above their head, and all sorts of mixed signals.

    Would anyone else care to share?? Also, recovery time?? 3 months? 6??

  2. I don't think mine was a full reconstruction but I will tell you about it.

    I had my shoulder dislocate 4 times, the first three where because the cartiledge disk came off and I was dislocating from rolling over in bed etc.

    The last time thankfully was done at work. I regripped on a 25 kg bag and it pulled my shoulder 3 inches below the socket. It f\/cking hurt. The disk showed signs of healing - it was fusing back into place - however with this dislocation I ripped one of the top tendens and stretch a few others.

    I had the surgery which was basically 3 little holes 2 at the front one at the back and they tied the tenden down. Even got photos of it, which I have now lost :(
    The worst part of the recovery was growing back the hair they shaved off. Seriously the did my whole arm and half my chest.
    There was a bit of discomfort in the shoulder for a couple of weeks but nothing to painful. It gets a little stiff every now and then but I just rotate it and it pretty much fixes that.
    You will notice strength loss in the arm but you can get that back with light exercise.
    The shoulder did feel uncomfortable when stretching above my head. They will over tighten it so you won't keep it in the sling long as movement is key - like a sore back.

    I was off work for about 6 weeks, but if your a desk jockey then you shouldn't have trouble returning in a couple of weeks but it's up to your doctor. Personally I wouldn't ride while recovering so about 6 weeks, though that's me.

    All in all I would happily do it again. Probably has something to do with the hot nurse I had.

    Just a little addition - You can't play contact sport for a while, if you damage the repairs the bigger the surgery gets. Don't over go the top with wieghts even 1.5 kg dumbbells will be noticed quickly. Phyiso is nice for it or if you have a partner then a light massage on the shoulder (more off a rub then massage) can help a little bit before sleep, oh and you can't sleep on the side for ages took be about a year.
  3. Paging VIC
    VIC to the FLOOR
    he can tell you all about them.
  4. It's actually not a huge operation and the downtime isn't that bad.

    I had my tendons torn out of my rotator cuff after I had an off at the end of 2005. When they finally figured out what was wrong with me I went in for the surgery. My surgeon was Shane (can't remember his last name but it starts with a B, Barlow??? that sounds right - he works Melbourne Orthopaedic in Prahran, across from The Avenue hospital). To say he was fantastic is an understatement!!!

    I had the same 3 keyholes and was in hospital in the morning (very early) and then out and home by late arvo. I had a few hours in the hospital once I came to with a MASSIVE ice pack over my shoulder but because I had a nerve block I couldn't feel a thing. Which leads me to my next point - if they offer a nerve block, I cannot recommend this highly enough! It's kinda freaky to begin with cos they use electrical currents to find the nerves in your neck and then they "stun" them - it's SOOOOOOOOOO much better than just having anesthesia!!!!

    Oh I also found out after the surgery that I had the worst case of (crap can't remember the technical name), kinda like burs in your shoulder joint that he had ever seen..... :shock:

    I was in a sling for about 6-8 weeks but was driving and working from home a couple of days after the surgery (I had my left shoulder done and as I had an auto car, could drive myself to the shop/physio and home). I went back to work (sales rep) after 4 weeks off work and managed to work with the sling for another couple of weeks then it was just building back the strength that took a while.

    All up, I think it was 12 months before I got about 90% strength back but I got use back after a couple of weeks - guess it just depends what you plan to be doing with "said arm" as to how long you are "down" for.

    I've got a pretty good pain threshold so didn't use the morphine pills after the surgery but if you do, little tip for you - MAKE SURE YOU EAT!!! I had one as soon as I got home from the hospital (just cos they were there really and I needed a good sleep), well no sleep for me cos 5 mins after taking the pill I was puking everywhere. I had forgotten that I hadn't eaten since just after the surgery and then they gave me pills just before I ate so combine that with the anesthesia still in my system and I was puking everywhere before I even left. They had to give me a shot in the bum just so I could go home hahahahaha!!!

    It's an amazing eye-opening operation, I still have my piccies somewhere - amazing what your joints look like.

    It's been 3 years since my op and I get a few twangs of slight pain every now and then but NOTHING compared to what it was pre op. The cold seems to effect it a bit but I think thats more to do with early onset of arthritis which is pretty much a given with joint surgery.

    Now, I hope I have put your mind at rest a bit......hope I haven't FREAKED you out about this hehe

    If there's anything else you would like to know, just give me a yell - happy to help :grin:

    P.S. Oh and don't listen to Vic, it's not that painful.......I think Vic just wanted a couple of "nurses on call"........didn't ya big guy?????? hehehe :wink:
  5. Shoulders hey.............

    F A R K............

    Almost the worst pain in the world.

    Here is your man sweety.

    He's a young bloke but very very talented.

    This bloke has a really really shark knife, stter clear of him ;)

    Matty did my rotator cuff repair. Long story short but I didn't have an arm for 6 months.

    It's healed to arounbd 95% and I think that's as good as it's going to get.

    The pain is retarted when they hit a nerve.

    Oh and Chubz, I really wanted sympathy from you, you are my ideal, one and only, nurse fantasy ;) nothing else comes close to you my luv ;)

    The MOG group are the ones you want hacking into your body, they are magicians.

  6. Oh shucks :oops: Thanks Luv

    I know where to go when I'm feeling unloved :wink:

    Now that we've gone slightly offpath :grin: I hope Brownyy is a little clearer on his options now.......and what he may/may not be in for
  7. Hunny, my door is and has always been open to you ;)

    Browny is for a world of fcuken hurt, period.

    Good luck to him.
  8. :shock:

    Thanks Chubz, Geeth and Vic...

    Interesting, very very interesting... Fark.

    Fark Fark Fark.

    Gawd damn shit shoulders.
  9. Vic summed it up well. A whole world of hurt, 6months off work, 8 months off the bike and now I have been assessed at 92% . Will have periodic pain for the rest of my life. The big difference is exactly what they do while they're in there. Good luck
  10. Mine was a rotar cuff.

    I would say get an mri see what needs to be done and go from there. your surgen will tell you rovery times etc.
    As you can tell from the posts it does vary a bit from case to case
  11. I've dislocated both my shoulders about 10 years ago, but they have slowly strengthened over that time. (Probably coz I'm buff.)

    They used to pop out quite a lot in the early days but they do so less nowdays, (probably do to my buffness) Although when I'm in the car and I reach to the back seat to grab something, my left shoulder can sometimes pop out for a split second, but the pain is more of a dull ache these days rather than the unbareable pain of trying to figure out how to put your shoulder back into your socket. (the level of my buffocity has seen to that)
  12. So prez, I am not to clear on you're physical make up :p
  13. I have had a shoulder instability problem fixed before (I think it was the torn cartiledge disc) after a somewhat traumatic dislocation. Ha Ha.

    It was done via keyhole similar to Geeth's procedure. At the time I was working in an office, so I was back at work after a week, but if you have any physical jobs like I do now, the waiting time would be much, much longer.

    Pain after the surgery was pretty manageable, and I stopped with the pain killers as quick as I could, cause they tend to not agree with me, but everyone is different. I was also sent home with instructions to remove this anasthetic drain which was about 10-15 cm of tubing coiled up in my shoulder. I got a cousin who is a nurse to help with the removal. No pain, but I bleed like you wouldn't believe.

    I started moving once the doc said it was okay, but didn't play any sport or workout for 3 months I think. You will be given guidelines to follow, but it's a good idea to go see a GOOD physio for some exercises as well. Ignore any wieght bearing work for a while, but theraband exercises can be good but get an expert second opinion

    It's got to about 90 % of my good shoulder, and stops me doing relatively little except for basketball. I still get some pain sometimes, but often a good workout and a good stretch can help with this. Strength wise, it's slightly weaker than my good shoulder, but good enough no to limit me in my job.

    It's is a nightmare injury for certain sports though such as basketball, football, rockclimbing etc,etc.

    Good luck with the surgery, and be nice and patient with the healing.