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Shoulda Split

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Bravus, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. On the ride home this arvo, split to the front a few times and all was good. For one set of lights it was a long way, there was a truck narrowing the gap and I wasn't sure where in the light cycle we were up to, so I just decided to wait at the back.

    Dropped it into neutral, took my hands off the bars and tapped along to the music in my headphones, when the bike lurched forward and went down.

    At first I thought I might have bumped it into gear with my foot without the clutch in, but it turned out a guy had run up the back of me.

    Snapped off the clutch lever, but that's it. He was apologetic and fine and gave me his card, and will pay for the new clutch lever (and fitting: possibly with a cable I'd have done it myself but with the hydraulic system on the Bandit I don't want to fiddle with it myself when it's his fault anyway).

    So, I pretty much did everything wrong and was lucky to pay so low a price. Should have split. If I wasn't going to split, given that I was at the back, should have had it in gear and my eye in the mirror.

    Ah well, live and learn for both of us I guess.
  2. that's how many of us learnt that lesson.
    school of hard knocks.
  3. I narrowly escaped one in the wet this arvo, 'cept I was at the front at a roundabout and had nowhere to go - lucky the Landcruiser locked up early and managed to stop it...
    (I did think to start rolling and aim for the left a bit)
    A little bit of wee came out when I heard that "ksshhhhh" sound behind me.
    Good that you're OK...
  4. sux eh? We don't have the luxury of dropping our guard for even a moment but they can do whatever they want.
  5. Yup. Nothing quite like The Squealing Tyres of Doom for clearing up prostate problems.
  6. You're lucky to have had such a gentle love tap Bravus. Lotto ticket time.
  7. very lucky, i almost always check my mirrors after one of the instructors told a story when i was doing l's.

    got off lucky it seems! as with above, lotto ticket time!
  8. last Saturday I was on my way to the learner session, 2 lane road, I'm in right hand lane. the traffic in front of me stopped suddenly, so I stopped too. I wasn't paying attention to what was behind me at that point. this SUV behind me which must've been following too closely braked, skidded a bit and had to swerve into the left lane to avoid me.
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    In 60000 ks of city riding Ive never noticed tires screeching behind me. Probably because I filter religously. How common is it for others?
  10. When I got hit from behind, I didn't get any audible warning at all. Bloody ABS :D.
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    Never heard them either, you must have loud pipes too.
  12. A couple of weeks ago, coming home from work I approached a set of lights in a 60 zone. They're just around a corner and the building right next to them is for sale, with the real estate sign obscuring visibility of the lights to the left of the road. The light was green but the arrow was red, although you couldn't see the arrow clearly until probably 25m to the line.

    I saw the green light and hoped to make it through so kept my speed up, then saw the arrow and pulled up at the line. I started fiddling with my clutch adjuster as the friction point wasn't in the right spot. About 15 seconds later, I hear the screech from hell behind me - I whip my head around to see rubber smoke and a car coming to a stop 1m away. He's come in hot, probably hoping to make the light just as I had and hasn't seen either me or the red arrow until late.

    Lessons learnt: watch mirrors, don't lose attention until it's pretty safe to do so, and I should have realised the obscured arrow could have lead to exactly what happened.
  13. Yep the 200cc scooters an absolute beast of a thing.
  14. Classic. I bet it would scream if you took the muffler off the expansion chamber :)
  15. The lesson isn't to split, but to watch your mirrors.

    The fact that you aren't moving doesn't make you safe.

    It sucks that you have to be alert 100% of the time you are within 50 yards of a road way, but those are the times we live in. That extra 10% you put in is to make up for the 50% of the time when cagers are paying no attention at all.

    Glad it was just a little love tap mate. Bikers get cleaned up by this kind of thing all the time.
  16. Damn, it's odd that he'd hit you at low speed. Usually it's all or nothing.
    Always keep one eye on your mirrors and one on the intersecting traffic lights I guess. I've got in the habbit of flicking my brake light if someone is approaching from the rear. Flashing lights stand out much more than solid.
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  18. Twenny-four bucks for the lever, fitted, and a bit of a sore back for me today, probably just from 'startling' when it happened plus picking my bike up in a hurry.

    A cheap lesson for both of us, I think...
  19. Well, the TAC add, makes it very clear that WE are responsible for own safety.

    So you were lucky that the driver took responsibility, when it was clearly YOUR FAULT, Bravus.
    I think you're lucky the cops did'nt turn up and book you for "failure to maintain proper control of a motorcycle", and for riding the bike without a clutch lever, and therefore in unroadworthy condition...and have your bike seized!

    You got lucky this time around mate...

    (glad you're ok)
  20. Good that you are well.. could've had a nasty neck injury.
    So now on top of watching idiots in front, and your sides, we are remembered that we have also watch BEHIND, at the same time...when you are stopped.
    Damn, motorcycling can be dangerous..(..)