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Should you color co-ordinate your helmet with your bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. that's a standard helmet - he's matched his bike to the helmet :LOL:
  2. yeah I think it looks good.

    When I bought my helmet I had a silver bike so bought a silver helmet....now I have a black bike :?

    I'll eventually get some wicked looking helmet with a black and white design, and the silver helmet will become a spare :grin:
  3. When i bought my helmet i was going to buy black to keepo a low tone, but the chick in the shop convinced me to buy a bright one so i could be more seen in the traffic, consider it part of your safety she told me which makes sense.
  4. Colour Co-Ordination????


    My boots, gloves & helmet all co-ordinate my bike..... :grin: :grin: :grin:

    My jacket & pants (both draggins & leathers) are black so they'll go with anything....
  5. well.. black isnt actually a colour (or a color if you're american)
  6. i got a red accross.. my helmet is dark grey.. but i brought my gear before i brought a bike (so iknew what budget i had) so i brought all neutral colours for my gear.
  7. I wonder what colour her hand bag is.

    Bunch of card carrying pansies out there riding these days. mummble. . . .mummble. . . . .. .
  8. no you shouldnt, its either posing or colse to it. to guard against this every peice of gear should be a different colour, even each boot. if possible it should all look like its been sweated in, rained on and gravel kissed.
  9. Here here!

    You should also have a dirty patch somewhere because youv'e had to do an emergency repair by the side of the road.
  10. and fart inccessantly at every public gathering...display grose table manners and generally behave like a grungy 'biker' rebelling against the world...
  11. Pfff, this topic belongs on Oprah with 'What footwear to wear at the gyno?' :roll:

    If you want to play it safe, buy/wear gear that is white/black/grey, or without much colour.

    That way no matter what colour/tone bike you get, it will probably look fine.

    However, I think helmets that 'clash' with your gear and bike are cool :cool:
  12. i bought my gear before the bike but it worked out that i bought a silver bike to go with my silver and black helmet
  13. I have a blue bike, a predominately blue-themed helmet and my new Rjays JetStream jacket is also blue.

    But that US Army Ninja is just awful!
  14. Most of my bike is black so I can pretty much wear any colour helmet I choose.
  15. Personaly, wearing total black is against my religion.
    I recon colours look great. I have been wearing them for 30 years now.
    If ya helmet is a totaly differant multie colour, that does'nt match, well they look great also.
    Dont live in the past, move with the times.
    I can say that.
  16. My helmet matched my first bike, but wasn't quite the right shade of metallic burgandy.
    Now I'm riding a purple bike, and the helmet doesn't match at all.
    This does bother me; I like things to match.

    But on the other hand, I think I'd feel a bit of a dill if everything matched quite as much as that guy's stuff...I wonder what colour his jacket & pants are?
  17. Probably camoulflage draggins :?
  18. Wish I had did it, got a plain as white old school helmet, (hey I was on a budget...and a black bike. :?
  19. I wonder what the wiggles wear ?? :shock: Now theres an idear for the kids at heart