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N/A | National Should we grant TAC permission to place the SMIDSY campaign on the Spokes website?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Maurice Blackburn, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. The TAC has approached Lawyers4Riders.com.au at Maurice Blackburn with the following request:

    “We would like to place the SMIDSY campaign on our Spokes website and are seeking your permission to do so."

    It's actually drivers who need to hear the motorcycle awareness message; but folks, this is your campaign– what say you (and why)?

  2. I would say go for it. Yes it's drivers who need to hear the message, but a new rider who's going through Spokes and not seen Netrider will also benefit from the message. I do see the TAC turning it on us however and saying that SMIDSY's are our fault. Double edged sword ...
  3. whats there motivation? will they expand the promotion to mainstream tv? can they be trusted?
  4. Hi,

    There are according to the Spokes website survey results a lot of riders who say the have not heard of the term SMIDSY so I see it as being a good thing to put it up on their site.

    Sometimes I suspect that we forget that there are many thousands of riders who are not members of netrider and do not discuss the issues that we discuss etc.

    IMO the more people who see the campaign and then talk about it the better.

    Cannot see a down side to be honest.

    Cheers Jeremy
  5. I say yes. If they then decided to used it against riders, retract the authority.
    The more visibility SMIDSY gets the better.
  6. The mistrust in me says that TAC will point to this as "evidence" of their co-operation with motorcycling...when the word co-operation is not in the TAC manifesto

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't..
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  7. no point making the ad if no one other than netriders and facebook members ever get to see it.
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  8. Do it. If they fcuk with it in any way, it gives you more ammunition to use against them.
  9. Forgetting about the politics, surely alerting new riders who get the Spokes stuff sent to them when they get their learners/licence to the fact that cars don't see them has to be good.
  10. I suggest yes with the proviso they stop running that inappropriate ad and they properly consult riders
  11. And I'll win tattslotto on Saturday night.......either eventuality is a very unrealistic expectation.....though dreaming is allowed
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  12. Yes definitely with an agreement they will not modify the video in any way though :)
  13. I think it should be allowed but as said before, impose some restrictions to the authority like not tampering with the video at any time etc
  14. I'd love more people to see it and I'd prefer if it was on their main site so drivers can see it too. I don't trust TAC one bit however and I certainly don't trust them not to take credit that they don't deserve. is it possible to watermark the ad with L4R or MB or something to make it crystal clear that it is not a TAC/Spokes produced piece?
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  15. I dont think the TAC is even ballsy enough to try to change an ad created by a law firm.
  16. If the tac can play around with physics, why not lawyers =D
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  17. The only reason I can see for accepting the offer is if it strengthens a rider's hand when dealing with TAC at the claims stage.
    On the face of it, it's an olive branch of admission that drivers are often at fault. But I have no trust and I'd say we need your professional guidance on how it might reflect in the courtroom.
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  18. Tell them they can put it on the spokes site if its pushed on the main TAC page as well.
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  19. If it's the start of the cooperative process, then I think yes. They have burned a lot of trust and will be working a loooong time to get it back - the process has to start sometime.

    But I am reminded of Aesop's fable about the scorpion and the frog...
  20. Very very good idea - well said foot69