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Should we deport Gordon Ramsay.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Do we really need arrogant pommies coming over here and treating us like crap?

  2. He is great at what he does but what a massive tool! Maybe she knocked him back and he couldnt handle rejection? It was a pretty pointed attack.
  3. hes a legend and hes welcome any time, this country is free speech and can say what ever he wants, and good on him to, tracy as spent years drilling people and cant handle being drilled, but i reckon theres more in this than they are telling us..
  4. mmmm, now let's think - what channel are both of these aired on?????
  5. Don't deport him, that's what he wants, the attention. Just boycott him.
  6. Are you suggesting that there may be some kind of conspiracy ????
  7. In my Dictionary, The word "Oxymoron" is defined as "English Cuisine"
  8. shows how boring a current affair is now, that they have to dedicate part of the program to here bitching reply , they should try to make entertaining tv.
  9. If he has a bike licence...no...let him stay...... :LOL:
  10. Why would you want someone that arrogant on the road with you ??
  11. Gordon should be taken with a pinch of salt (no cooking pun intended :grin: )

    People have such thin skin, sticks and stones and all.

    Poor little Tracey had her feelings all stepped on, boo bloody hoo.
  12. I didn't say he wasn't a mysoginistic pig (that is obvious for all to see)

    It is ALL an act for publicity and then ratings, he is a genius at playing peoples insecurities and emotions....and Tracey fell for it big time.
  13. Ha, Gordon ramsay controlled that interview and made her look very unprofessional and foolish. I reckon her massive ego is a little bruised.
  14. I have no freakin idea what this thread is about, but the answer to that question is yes. :p
  15. Biggest non-event ever.
  16. I liked the hairy bikers - they went to interesting places and were very entertaining.

    Ramsay and Grinshaw? Are they somehow important?
  17. could this be what he is refering to??
  18. Yup!!..deport him. He is an arrogant pr*ck who's had more than his 15 mins :roll:
  19. +1

    He is either a prat or is living up to an image created for him. Either way he's getting all this attention and more exposure, so more monies in the end for him.