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Should we ban any polls on nodding?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by ibast, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. Yes. We should ban them

  2. No. Tools need to feel loved

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  3. I <3 moderators!!

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  1. This goes for posts too.

  2. i think so!

    we all should jsut nod, and be done with it... :cool:
  3. i was trying to nod in agreement, but i realised you couldnt see me.
  4. But how are the anti-Harley threads going to start now? :(
  5. pffft!! call that a nod?

    that's not even worthy of my return nod.
  6. *Sits here nodding my head*

    Yeah I can agree with that :grin:
  7. Mhy neck is sore and I am dizzy from all the nodding :)
  8. So let me get this straight; we are having a poll on a poll???

    I think we are getting poll-uted :LOL:.
  9. No, we are having a poll on polls.

  10. Iblast - your avatar is perfect in describing the 'nodding threads'.

    The tribe has spoken - nodding threads are out with a huge majority win :cool: . Perhaps a FAQ is in order to sort out these duplicate posts....

    If you like i will put an article together on 'nodding' for the 'articles' section provided all new nodding threads are removed? Mods? yay or neigh?
  11. Don't worry, Matt. That's the default topic for all threads here. You actually only see part of the title of each thread. For example the full title of this thread is "Harleys suck. Should we ban polls on nodding?", while over in Politics, Law, and Government there are threads such as "LAMS Vic - Current Status. Harley riders are snobs."

    Nothing to worry about, see? :LOL:

  12. Well I for one give it the nod......
  13. Thank Dog for that :grin:
  14. well normally poles dont bother me. in the right light setting and mood surroundings, a few poles are ok.

    ... oh hang a sec, wrong polls. :LOL:
  15. Depends on who's dancing around them really...

    Now there's a poll we need, "Do You Nod At Pole Dancers??"
  16. ... only if the really DO come from Warsaw.....
  17. boom tish
  18. One day Paul, pow, right in the kisser. :p

    THat was truly terrible. You knew that though didn't you??
  19. i only nod to the hot ones
  20. Why only nod at stolen bikes?