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Should Van the Smackie Man swing?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by doonx, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. I don't believe he should, not because he is in any way to be held up as something he is not, but simply and only because I don't believe in the death penalty.

    Am I going to lose sleep over this man's life - no. But I do believe that the death penalty is wrong. The media have a lot to answer for in propelling this whole debacle into a media circus that has seen him given near Martyr status. Will the zealots who are lighting candles and sitting in vigil take the same action whenever a human being is sent to their death at the hands of a state executioner - I seriously doubt it. A touch hypocritical don't you think ?

    It's sad that a man has to die at the hands of society that believe in the death penalty. It's sad that a man has to die at the hands of anyone or anything other than natural causes.

    But a minutes silence for a convicted heroin smuggler regardless of his motivations ? No thanks.

  2. Nup, death is too harsh.
  3. The media HAS a lot to answer for in this case, not the least for failing (or deliberately not considering) to state properly the reasons for Singapore and 76 other countries retaining the death penalty.

    Capital punishment is not about rehabilitation, or retribution or prevention of crime by example. Capital punishment is the same as cancer surgery. You don't treat a cancer, you cut it out. 1 million hypotheicals and emotive arguments will not change this one fact. He won't traffic drugs again.
  4. Phew!!
    That's so much better, knowing that you have that off your chest doonks.
  5. Agreed Doonks,

    Although i feel truly sorry for the family of this guy, i cant for the life of me understand why this particular case has got so much attention.

    Do i personally agree with death penalty, no. BUT we need to remember that he was caught with smack in a country that everyone knows does have the death penalty so i dont see why he should be treated differently. We would expect a visitor to respect our laws and i suppose we have to do the same.

    But geez, not letting his mum hug him is a little pathetic isnt it?
  6. scooter - do you EVER have anything substantial to say ? If I want to vent, or simply express an opinion then I will.

    Your continual carcasm and cynicism does nothing but to further entrench yourself into the minds of average balanced thinking people, that you have very little to offer.

    I'm glad you feel better knowing that I have gotten something off my chest. Is there something you would like to get off your chest ? Did your mother not hold you enough as a child, or perhaps too much ? Did the other boys and girls not play with you ?
  7. {love your duffman theme, jono}

    Seconds out.......
  8. I don't want to get into a debate about the death penalty itself, but this bloke chose to commit a crime in a country where it rated the death penalty. It was his own concious choice, and the result is his own doing. Where are the usual shouts of "do the crime, do the time" so beloved of many on this forum?
  9. Doonks you are being a sook, and do you ever contribute anything substantial to the forums that is bike related?

  10. Joke received by email yesterday:

    Won't be coming home for Christmas this year, decided to hang around Singapore instead

    Van Nguyen
  11. I do agree with it, sorry if that offends people here and personally i don't understand all the fuss about it. He is a crim. that knew the outcome of his actions.
  12. Why make a big hooha about Singapores death penalty now , it's been thier policy for over 20 years . Yes , it is harsh and i dont agree with it but we all know that going to these countries with drugs or to buy them will bring death , it's their law . This young man knowingly took that gamble and lost .
  13. I hear there are a couple of execution breakfast parties on tomorrow, shame i cant make it.

    And for those that think the death penalty is wrong, why didnt you voice your opinion when the bali bombers received it?
  14. I'm with Inci, if you're going to go to a country where they have the death penalty, sucks to you if you get caught...

    Make the choice, live by it...
  15. um... whats going on?
    another guy arrested overseas?
  16. umm no same guy thats been on every newspaper for the last 3 months
  17. hmmm. Even the dumbest of the dumb know what the penalty for drug smuggling is these days. I think hanging is just so barbaric and tacky, the lethal injection would have to be better? George W would know, how many did he oversee when he was governor? 136?? As a mother, my heart goes out to his mum, she is the victim .
  18. Yes I do and yes I have. Selective memory is yet another characteristic that shines on your CV.
  19. oh ok... that explains it... Dont watch the news and dont read papers. Might go look it up on net :p
  20. Well even if it seems harsh this is not a NEW law what about the addicts it was going to get to ??? i wonder how you would feel if one of these addicts broke into your house and stole all your stuff and possibly bashed on of your family in the process. Ok hanging is not the best way but what is firing squad or injection?? Do the crime pay the cost