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QLD should the m/c cop be charged?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Tack, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/que...ash-creates-traffic-chaos-20120624-20w03.html

    So two police vehicles collide and motorcycle cop gets injured so who do they blame for causing the accident in this situation?

    Obviously it has to be the motorcyclist because the cops always attribute blame to them in every accident!

    So does someone or should someone get charged for reckless driving or something?
  2. i reckon neither of them get charged
    or if they do, with not very much
  3. The article makes no mention of who was at fault. Your post comes across as personal opinion masked as fact.
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  4. It's just sarcastic comment based on police opinion about motorcyclist than anything actually written.

    I wonder what it means to them when one of their own is involved in an accident with one of their own.

    I guess your the black and white type then.
  5. We don't know any details at all, so we can't really answer your question.
  6. i have to agree with deadsy - when (if) more details of the case come to light, we will have license to make comments and analysis about the situation. but until that happens, there's not really much speculation we can do.
    but i still reckon neither of them barely get charged.
    i say this because not long ago, a lady police officer did an illegal U-Turn in front of motorcyclist in fog. afaik the rider went smack straight into the car and died. she got off very very lightly considering the circumstances.
    okay so that was motorcycle civilian vs car cop, so a slightly different situation.
    but I still can't imagine either of them getting charged with much.
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  7. car cop will say bike cop was speeding/SMIDSY, bike cop will say driver didn't give way/indicate/whatever
    and it'll be swept under the rug with both orrifices earning paid stress leave and a payrise on return
  8. in vic, both cops will now be let go.... due to the governments job cuts
  9. I can see what you're doing but it's ridiculous to speculate on something like that when you know about 10% of the story..
  10. Just glad TheForgotten wasn't driving the truck!
  11. haha nah i crash trucks on rural roads...