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Should the hose pipe ban exclude washing bikes?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Spud Gun, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. I used several buckets of water to wash my bike over the weekend, and I would have used less than half if I used the hose. Basically I had to throw water sideways into the engine and frame to clean it, and rinsing the chain was a pain in the arse. I can see the point in water conservation with washing cars, but bikes are different as washing is much more horizontal, if you see what I mean. So are you all hose abusers, or bucket chuckers?

  2. Bucket.
    Bilge Pump.
    Length of Hose.

    Work the rest out . . . . . .

    Mostly though, i go to the local car wash and just use their water.....

  3. Buy a Karcher (or other High Pressure Water Cleaner) then wash to your hearts content :grin:
  4. Ummm you do know that your allowed to use a trigger attatchment to was the bike with.. Dont you? :?
  5. I've always used the hose, even during water restrictions, because I use less water that way. It kinda demeans the point if buckets use more water and I'd happily argue that in court. :)
  6. errr, not in Sydney, you're not.
  7. Hmmmm - quite different restrictions there arent there! Ignore my comment about High Pressure Water Systems, I can't find anything saying they are ok for NSW on http://www.waterforlife.nsw.gov.au/faq/index.shtml. Archaic! :LOL:
  8. I was unaware of this :shock: Glad im not there with you guy's..

    Can you put it in your back yard or garage to conceal you washing it with the hose ?
  9. You can, but instead of spending money building dams and maintaining the system, they've bought a fleet of Toyota Camrys and they're driving round as Water Useage Compliance Officers, booking people for breaking their draconian laws!
  10. I use a Karcher myself.

    Can run it for about 2 minutes non-stop, and in that time it will have consumed about half a bucket of water, and have cleaned most of the crap off the bike, except for the greasy bits that need some attention with kerosene, followed by a good soaping, followed by another high pressure hose-off for 2 minutes, and then it's all done.

    All up, including the soap wash, a little over 1 bucket of water used.
  11. yeah I agree, using a bucket does use about 4x more water than useing a hose with a trigger.
    The thing is the goverment knows this, but by making you use a bucket they figger we'll save water as most people are just way to lazy and therfore wont bother to wash there cars/trucks/bikes as much as they used too :p

    Now we where dobbed in by a nieghbour while useing a pressure washer to clean off the front veranda/steps etc at mums house in syd durring our clean up a month or so ago, and yes we did get a vist (while stll using it) from one of the roving water patrol guys :shock:

    He had a look at what we where doing and said and i quote
    " thats great your useing both the machine and water the way we want people too, we got a call and had to come sus it out, its just that 99.9% of the population up here has NO common sence at all when it comes to saving water! I'll go tell your nieghbour there is nothing wrong or illegal with the way your doing it, in fact im going to ask he come over and i'll explan to him and show him WHY its ok "

    We had the inlet hose syphoning the water from a bucket that was only being filled when the bucket was empty, with the hose turned off at the tap in between fills. The only thing the inspector did ask of us was : if we could leave the hose about 3 mtrs from the fill bucket, bc if he could see that the hose wasn't conected he wouldn't have even got out of his car to investigate
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  12. Thats what annoys me about legislation in NSW, is the assumption that you are thick and will have someones eye out with everything. Hence we need to be told what to do with lane splitting, water, etc. Whats worse is that people are actually conditioned to dob in their neighbours if they use a hose. Its gotten so bad that I have seen signs in gardens saying "Hose is connected to rain water tank", obviously as a result of a nosey neighbour. Sure these people deserve to be dobbed in, because excessive water users hate freedom, and dutiful citzens must never yield in the war on water.
    EDIT: I think this should be moved to the politics forum.
  13. i used to use a bucket to wash the bike..
    and a little watering bucket to wash of the excess soap..
    but now its easyier to use plexus... (not to sure of the spelling)
    and do it weekly and where needed to use water i will a bucket..