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Should Stookie Keep his Hardley

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Removed_User_5, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. Yes keep it

  2. Get a sporty model

    0 vote(s)
  3. Go back to Scotland

    0 vote(s)
  1. Since my bike has not sold yet Im looking to get some feedback on wether i should sell it or just keep it till my restrictions are over.(nov 06)

    I thought getting a Bandit 250 or a hornet would make my transition to My Ducati monster easier .
    And Im not having fun on the twisties, need some lean, and a nippier accelaration.....

  2. You'll be pissing cash against the wall if you sell it to just get another two-fiddy. Muck about with it a bit, try dropping the forks through the clamps to speed up the steering. Forget power, unless you really just have to have a "race replica" that's only got some go at 14,000rpm you wont find it. It's a 250cc bike, accept and move on. Besides, and this is true of all riders no matter the size of the engine, if you learn how to ride faster, the bike will go faster. Spend that cash on some lessons, the skills learnt will be with you no matter what you ride. :)
  3. Stookie, I really think you should keep the Hardley. Why waste money for the hoped for Monster on another 250 and seriously a Bandit isn't going to make the transition any easier. I went from the same model 250 you are riding now to Ducati 600SS, a completely different riding position and it was no problem at all. Save your dollars for the Monster - you are going to need them for accessorising! The Ducati Performance Accessory Book for Monsters is HUGE, far bigger than the books for the other models, lots of trickiness to spend money on - just live with the Hardley for a bit longer.
  4. My vote is for change so long as you can find a bike that doesn't cost too much more. Surely being a 250 if you get something second hand It'll retain most of its value anyway :)
  5. I would be appraoching bike shops, you bike will sell in 1st weekdn at a bike shop. HAve you checke dwhat it will cost you change over into the blue hornet A1 in Ringwood have? I know for a fqact they paid $5600 for it, they have $6500 on it, go in WITH cash and they wont let you walk out with a deal.

    For a $400 change over or something it will make the next 10 months funner?
  6. what you selling it for.........I've only just fixed the rear brake on it !!!!!!!!
  7. That should increase its value, pete :LOL:
    Stookie, old mate, as much as I may have said otherwise in the past, maybe you should keep the Hardley now, it's only 11 months till you can buy the bike of your dreams in one step and not two.....
  8. I've just pissed my self laughing at the result of the vote. 31% want you to go back to Scotland. LMFAO
  9. Personally, I'm gonna go against the rest of the comments here. I had a CB250 for the first 12 months of riding and I HATED it. I think I dropped it 6 times and most people said behind my back that I just wasn't a rider and I should give it up. I started to think the same thing. I was always miserable on it.

    Fortunately for me, a friend was selling his Zeal at a good price as it had been dropped and he didn't want to fix it. I bought it, fixed it up and rode it for the next 2 years and loved every minute of it. Most people say there is little difference between 250's and it is pissing your money against the wall, but if you are unhappy, and can do the changeover at a reasonable price, then it is the best use of your money IMHO.

    I really don't think I would have kept riding if I stayed on the CB250 till I could upgrade adn I never would have had the confidence to move up to a bigger bike the way I had been going on it.

    Just my 2c.
  10. Speaking of Zeals, there is one for sale on Old Geelong Road with a sign that reads "1 OWNER".

    It was still there on Friday, let me know if you want the details and I'll stop and grab them.

    Chin chin :)
  11. ok im keeping the bike.

    id be very intersted to see who wants me to go back to scotland and why ?

    Im only here cos some people cant do my job properley !
    Im as Ozzy as you get now.....even my accent is ozzy.....
  12. Why don't you just do what feels right? Why make a poll about it and include a response you're going to find offensive?

  13. I agree.
    The bike coordinates well with your maxillo-mandibular "neckerchief" and your dance style.
  14. My preference No.1 - Sell the bike, sell the jaw, go back to Scotland
    preference No.2 - If you are gonna stay, keep the bike

    :grin: :grin: :grin:

    I say, don't listen to anyone, if you feel like sports bike, why shouldn't you forfill your wish just because somebody else says so???? Advice on what sports bike, that's OK, but don't tell me that you base your options on what other people say(with exception of lil ofcourse :grin: )??? you sure don't look like that to me
  15. Mate, that bikes a classic gold sendup, keep it even if you buy another/get your monster....

    I'd be leaving it at work & riding it around Hobart every lunchtime, complete with german helmet type skid lid and sleeveless denim jacket over leathers just for the laughs.

    what a hoot!