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Should scooters need a licence???

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Fluffy Bunny Feet, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. I was gonna call this silly scooter'er but thought this subject would grab more attention :p

    Saw the stupidest scooter rider ever this morning on my way to work. Made me wonder if it's really safe allowing anyone with a licence on a 50cc scooter without any real training.

    Any way we we're coming into town through a 2 lane residential (50 zoned) road in North Adelaide and in the left lane traveling almost on the parking line is a scooter. Now its angle parking too on this street, and the point he chooses to lane split between the left lane and parked cars has a workman's ute with canopy parked first and 5 or so small/medium cars parked after, so if any of them happened to reverse slightly to get a view of the road... splat....

    The cringing part was after this insane move he's pulled i notice at the front of traffic is a bus turning left onto a smaller side street from the left lane, lights went green just before he got to the bus but no stopping this evil scootaneval he overtakes the left turning bus on the left side and freaks out the bus driver at the last minute who hit the brakes hard not to knock him off...

    After the initial shock/horror/hysterical laughing it just got me thinking... Is it really safe to not make them do some form of rider training even if its just the basics of like, keeping right etc.

  2. licence don't cure stupid :LOL:

    maybe he needs to eat some some asphalt and learn a lesson if he's gonna ride like that.

    As for the licensing question, I don't think there is a great deal of skill required to ride a 50cc auto scooter, and I am of the opinion that these forms of transport should be encouraged to the general populace... as long as they don't bring the little things on the freeway :evil:
  3. I personally don't think that giving training will solve the problem. It sounds like this guy may - even after training - do the same thing. The way you framed your question (with the story behind it) it would also seem reasonable to require all cyclists to undergo road training.

    I think requiring licensing would limit the number of 'fools' on scooters because they can't be bothered getting their license, but certainly won't stop them. For that matter it is true of motorcyclists too - even though we all have our license there are still some foolish riders out there (and car drivers, and ...)
  4. i would have thought that heaps more scooter riders would be involved in offs, but you rarely hear about a scooter rider going down... anyone got any theories as to why this would be?
  5. the difference on bikes tho, is stupid generally = dead pretty quick smart :LOL:

    on scooters, your barely going faster than a pushy and the thing dont weigh a whole bunch either (i spose they do have mammouth scoots too, but i'm talking the 50cc buzzboxes). chances of killing youself doing a 150kph wheelie though peak hour traffic down chapel st are pretty slim :LOL:
  6. I've heard of a couple but they seemed to be low speed, no serious injury type drops. I have noticed that cages give a lot more leeway to scooters than they do to motorbikes. Makes sense really, scooters are a lot less agile and slower accelerating. Not to mention that the majority I see, the riders are not really wearing any more protective gear than a helmet.
  7. I think a small amount of training would be a good idea.

    He prolly isn't thinking safe cos no one has told him what is safe when riding 2 wheels on the road.

    Something like a theory only test based on the vic rider hand book or equivilent would be enuff I reckon and keep the cost low.
  8. I don't think scooter riders make up a huge percentage of the riding populace, but I do remember a story a few months ago about a scooter rider being struck and killed on hoddle st... they do go down like the rest of us, but there are just way more bikes.

    Also scooters have smaller wheels and a lower COG, which means that single vehicle accidents due to loss of traction when cornering aren't as common. In addition, a large percentage of scooter riders only travel short distances when commuting, which reduces the window in which accidents occur I suppose.
  9. i don't know about queensland but here in sydney i would say that scooters are almost outnumbering bikes (if not already)...

  10. Yeah thats more what i was thinking, not like $120 and two days eg my MC/L's...
  11. Is the "car licence below 50cc" rule in practise in Victoria? I recall discussion about this a couple of years ago, but didn't hear any more.
    Apparently it was driven by complaints by overseas tourists that they wanted to be able to hire small scoots to get around (without full bike licence), as they were allowed to do so at home.
    I've seen heaps of bingles involving scooters, mostly minor because of low speed. But I think that's because they mostly inhabit the heavily congested inner suburbs rather than because they can't do high enough speeds.
    Only a few use freeways and faster roads.
    Also, I strongly suspect that news reports of "motorcycle" accidents are often scooters - the media doesn't differentiate.
    Should they need a bike licence below 50cc? Hell, yeah. And so should cyclists (at least a suitable one). But it should be free. :)
  12. I that really the case? or are they just highly represented in the inner city? I reckon some actual stats would be interesting - I'll have a look around.
  13. with scooters being in more accidents than bikes, think about this; how many ppls buy scoots for recreation? i know i wouldn't bother with a bike if i didn't enjoy it thoroughly, i'd still be in the old kingswood. we all go for weekend rides out whoop whoop and have tho odd fang, scoots just get to work and back and over to their favorite eatery :LOL:
  14. Arn't they big on the gold coast Dan with all the tourist hiring them for a day ?
  15. i see two scooters for every motorcycle when i'm in the city/richmond etc, but as dan said once you leave the city and head onto faster roads it's back to being a majority of motorcycles out there.

    in victoria you do require a motorcycle learners permit/licence to ride a 50cc scooter, and i think it is a worthwhile exercise.

    the funny thing is as with the 250cc capacity rule, it doesn't take the vehicles performance into account, with a few hundred dollars spend on a 50cc scooter you can make them capable of doing 90/100km/h. not many people in australia bother though, big in europe though.
  16. I know a few scooter riders. They go down as common as the rest of us. I know of 4 accidents, only 1 was major. (Car cut in front, slammed on anchors, scotter slammed into rear. Only damage to rider was the key dug into his leg).

    The others were fairly low speed offs. Minor damage (gravel rash etc). Pot holes are the biggest danger for scooters. Those little wheels can't handle them.

    If you want a good indication, just look at the scooters you park next to in the bike parking areas. A lot of them have scratches down one side (best place to check is the rear wheel housing).
  17. Of course they need a licence!
    Your on a tiny little POS and you need to learn some sort of road craft before you actually get on the roads with the big mean four wheelers.
  18. In Vic it isn't. Is in SA, WA, TAS and Qld currently. The MRA is working on it for Vic but it's a long road. Stats from other states seem to indicate no rise of any significance in motrorcycle accidents due to cagers being allowed out of their cage but some minimal training is worth it I think.

    Realistically, given the cost of petrol, congestion and pollution on our roads currently it makes absolute sense to allow the cagers to do this and if you ride as a commuter and that's all you do then a scooter is an ideal vehicle.
  19. Full training .. you devalue the importance of proper motorcycle training and license by allowing this. There is no difference, at learner level, between riding a 50cc or a 250cc.

    As for no stats .. can you point to any sources of scooter accident investigations?
  20. of course shooters should have a licence, guns are dangerous!