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Should Robsalvv change his name?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Pantry with moths

  2. Wallace

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  3. Panty with moths

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  4. Leave it as is

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  1. In light of the new user "Cat with fleas" Some of us Mods believe Rob should also change his name to something more apt.

  2. Do it now Rob. You know that you want to, and your fans want it too.
  3. How about, "Has a thing against the rear brake?"


    "Doesn't believe in the dubbin myth"


    "Doesn't know when to stop arguing"


    Nahh... I'm happy with my name just as it is.

    Thanks for caring though :)
  4. A small contribution to Vic,s super fund is all it will take.
  5. Probably Rog, but I'm sure Vic has bigger fish to fry... and plus it'll only be funny for about two seconds.

    Why not play spin the Vic... he can randomly select a mod and change their name to something that suits his sense of humour... it'll play havoc with individual logins though...

  6. He could choose a different one every week
  7. I think you should change your name to Wallace.

    I think you'd make a good Wallace.

    I would say "Hi Wal." I never get to say "hi Wal."
  8. :shock:

    :rofl: :rofl:
  9. That made me laugh! :rofl:

    There's just not enough Wal's in the world.
  10. lol, like he did to Rosie :LOL:
  11. Yep, thats what we need to see again.
  12. Erm, yeh, but Rosie asked and had personal reasons behind her request.
  13. stellar idea loz!
    i reckon we just call rob wal, irrespective of what his username says.
  14. I'm busy changing all my info for Rob, er, Wal, now.
  15. I vote for ZX9r-Wal.
  16. At least it'd stop people calling you 'robslav'.
  17. We could change it to Wally, and then if a few hours go by and Rob doesn't post, some could say ""Where's Wally" and we could all scurry off among the million or so other users and try to find him :LOL: ...

    But seriously, some people could change their nick and you'd never notice, but not someone like Rob. I mean, can you imagine if Loz changed his nick, or smee?? Nup, can't see it myself.
  18. Some of you should come and work with me, my area manager's name is Wal !

    So I get to say "Hi Wal" almost every day, but most times I'm more likely to say " Where's Wally ................................... Oh there he is, at his desk surfing p0rn again on the work server" :LOL: :p

    Ps: dont give Vic the chance or he might, have a conniption and go change all our nick's to what he thinks they should be :LOL: :twisted:
  19. In light of your previous near-disasterous experience .. I'd say "PoleDancer" would be more applicable. :LOL: :LOL:

  20. ...don't do it :twisted: