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should ride events be on Sat / Sun ??

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Anthony, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Saturday Morning - lunch

  2. Saturday Arvo - dinner

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  3. Sunday Morning - lunch

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  4. Sunday arvo - dinner

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  1. I am organising ride events for SA Scooter Club in Adelaide.

    I am wondering what is the majority's opinion on when is the best time to organise such rides.

    Sat: more traffic, people have to work, shop, go to sports.

    Sun: family day

    Morning: 10am - 2pm
    Arvo: 1pm - 5pm

  2. Anthony wouldn't it be better to ask your members and not a forum like this ?

    Do you have a message board ?

    Just curius, I know I would ask my GTR members if it was about them. But as its a scooter group I would think lower distances so maybe Saturday arvo
  3. I just looked, yes you have a forum. What did YOUR members think.
  4. thanks for the thought Dave. I am just asking in general to get a better feel of what people prefers. Being a member or not doesn't change one's preference. Plus I want to organise events that is suitable for potential members.

    So far it seems like mornings are popular...
  5. I like weekend mornings for rides as evenings are often busy.

    An afternoon ride often means no time to go somewhere in the evening OTOH.
  6. I have one weekend where I can ride to my hearts content... unfortunatley the weather down here plays havock with plans, so we have to wing it.

    from 7am sat till 6pm sun is the best time...