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N/A | National Should motorcyclists receive reduced car insurance premiums?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smileedude, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. So there are a few threads at the moment about how as riders we develop a much better ability to look out for hazards than other road users. I would bet that every one of us takes these skills into our driving. I would also bet that that the annual accident rate for riders when they are driving is far far lower than other drivers.

    So the question arises; why do riders pay the same price for car insurance as everyone else? They take in to account age, sex and driving record when determining premiums. Why wont they take into account whether you an experienced rider when determining premiums? I would think this factor would account for far more variation in the likelihood of an accident than the above variables.

    Have there been any studies showing that riders make safer drivers? It seems obvious, but I would love to see some proof.

    I don't know of any insurance companies that take this into account but are there any?
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  2. This only applies to riders who have and insure cars.

    Not my problem. :)
  3. Yeah not actually my problem either as the missus is the primary driver of our car. Still I thought the idea would be worth a good netrider discussion.
  4. What about riders trying to split in the car?
  5. When I was first in Australia I was astonished to find that my motorcycle no-claims history in the UK was allowed on my first car policy here. In the UK the two are treated entirely separately. When it would be to your advantage anyway. Cop a claim on either and your no-claims will evaporate from both, of course.
  6. *crawls into safety bubble n rolls away*
  7. @ verticalC less likely to be rear ended. :D
  8. There is something in this idea. I think from a purely logical point of view, I cannot be riding all three of my bikes and my two cars at the same time. That doesn't include the missus bike and car...
  9. Insurance is not just about use of the vehicle eg. theft, attempted theft, storm damage, malicious damage and so on.

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  10. Yes, I get that. I would just like a reduction on them as they sit in the shed waiting their turn...
  11. Like the idea :D

    What about the person who got their licence in their early 20's; however, haven't ridden for the last 30 years?
    there is plenty of them out there!

    I still believe that Third Party Insurance (CTP in NSW) should be attached to your licence; therefore carried from one vehicle to another as you ride/drive.
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  12. Now that is a good idea.
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    I may be wrong, but isn't CTP there to only cover medical bills of the other party while your vehicle insurance covers property damage?

    For Victoria you have TAC which covers you medically (both parties) while your vehicle insurance covers the rest...well that's the way I always thought it worked :?. So correct me if I am wrong here.

    However I do agree with CTP on your license over registration...makes more sense, but less money for them so that's a no.

    Anyways on topic, it would be nice for insurance companies to reduce our car premiums due to being a rider, however it is hard to show proof that you are a competent driver/rider unless you do a rider/driving course and have written proof. So if you do a driver AND rider training course approved by the insurance company, they should reduce it further assuming you are with the same insurance company for both vehicles.