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Should leathers be like this?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Urban, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. Yep, they'll stretch a bit. (maybe 1/2 a size) They'll also soften up a bit too.

  2. If you get off the bike & have a squeeky voice. Id'e get the next size up. I think you will find they wont give all that much. Bloody uncumfy hey.
  3. Mate feels like your in a bloody straight jacket when you first put them on. Try wearing them around the house a bit. i reckon they are that stiff they are bloody dangerous to ride in when you first get them..
  4. Yeah like most leather jackets i assume they will start to soften up a bit. As said above wearing them around the house a bit to loosen them up before riding would be smart if you don't feel like you have decent manuvaribility.
  5. Yep as others have said leather will take some time to "break in". That said treating them with a good beeswax based leather polish/cleaner can help this process along a bit (helps soften the leather slightly).
  6. I've heard wearing leather pants wet helps them loosen up....would this be the same for the suit?
  7. I was looking at the alpine star gear this week and i thought it all looked and felt very supple. Are you saying that you cant bend/move cos its too tight or just cos the leather feels stiff?
  8. :-s Wetting leather only serves to cause the proteins to shrink resulting in the leather hardening (and over time cracking) - something best avoided.
  9. hmmm well dis-regard that little gem of information then.... :LOL:
  10. Oh yeah, DON'T wet them.

    Beeswax treatment will soften them, but the best way to get them broken in is to break them in. Short rides getting longer....
  11. hey Paul whats Snoopy doing down there in your Avatar? :p
  12. He's lost the Hornet what a shame.

    Agree with the comments about leathers also, just wear them around the house for a few weeks,
  13. It took about 10000kms of riding before my last set of leathers wore in properly... and they were custom fitted.

    Bit of a pain...
  14. Your Hornet logo will return, steve, I just wanted a bit of a Snoopy change for a bit, always loved Snoopy (remember his fights with the cat next door?)
  15. you will just have to breath in - ALOT - I found alpine stars stretched heaps and then you have to deal with a baggier than normal bum... always such an attractive look.

    suck it in and don't breathe. I hope you have enough room in the area than you can't suck in!
  16. Why not heat them with a hair dryer, rub SnoSeal into them, buff it off and then wear them, they will be nice and supple and will be easier to "mould".

    Worked for me till the waist line grew.......errr, I mean the pants shrunk :LOL:
  17. I find this the best way to wear in new leather...
    Just be sure to lube up with beeswax/SnoSeal then follow this 'instructional video'. :grin:

    Instructional video for wearing in new leathers

    Yes i know it's been posted before but it still makes me laugh.
  18. I'll swap yah, I have a two piece alpine stars (leathers) size 54 too big!nearly room for a bloody jumper! :roll:.
  19. Anywhere that sells leathers or leather products (ie motorcycle stores or saddlerys) should sell some sort of beeswax based leather treatment. Failing that you can often buy beeswax furniture polish which is just as good (some supermarkets may carry it otherwise try a furniture place).
    Edit: Driven's advice is also good - can often find suitable products at shoe stores.
  20. I use this http://www.grangerscampingworld.com.au/graphicsclothing/dubbin.jpg

    It softens leather and restore its supple-ness, esp. in my gloves after getting soaked in the rain.

    U can get them at most m\c accessories store, or cheaper at shoe repair stores\key cutters places. Costs ~$7, lasted me 5 years.

    BUT, it does get a little tacky if u put too much on.