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N/A | National Should Learners and P-platers be allowed to Lane Split and/or Filter?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by oldcorollas, Feb 19, 2015.

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    considering lane splitting (>30km/hr) and filtering (< 30km/hr) separately...

    should learners be allowed to filter to the front and/or split moving traffic?

    if you were in your cage would you want a learner trying to move their bike within cm of your car?

    would it improve learner safety, compared to say, leaving space in front/having an escape route?

    if learners tended to bump and scrape cars, would public sentiment turn against filtering, and it be outlawed for all riders?
  2. Learners no
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  3. red and green p's yes L no
  4. No & no, do your time, learn the trade, then move on
  5. Yes to all. If you are not a good enough rider to filter you won't do it.

    I remember filtering home on the way home from the bike shop on my first scooter. Nothing serious just a few cars with big gaps. You learn to do it like anything else you start small and then expand your skills. Prohibition for a few years means people are overly confident when they start doing something they have no idea how to do.
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  6. L platers no.

    P platers yes. It has me flummoxed that you pass a test in low speed riding skills only to be told not to use the majority of those skills for 3 years and then on some arbitrary day you get to use them again.

    I will concede however that the emergency stop may be used at some point in those three years.
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  7. Sounds like your answering your own question with your question " but I agree I'm not in favour of learners filtering you need time on the bike and some experience first before you attempt filtering ,
  8. Splitting - no for L's & P's.
    Filtering - at < 30kms for P's yes (traffic lights, traffic jams etc)
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  9. it's a thread for VC and others to air their views :)

    my 1c, after seeing people wobble to their Red P's when I did it.. I wouldn't want them thinking that they were entitled to filter straight away.
    a couple of them never even rode a bike during their L's....
    some people I've spoken to don't plan to ride a bike on their Red P's either, and wait until they get Green P's and more points (they can't afford a licence suspension). not sure I'd encourage them to filter with their "easy greens"

    making a filtering test part of Red P's test (NSW) may not be appropriate either..
    as part of an optional green P's test? at the moment it's just automatic graduation.. no-one would want a compulsory extra test for greens...

    I'd tentatively support green P filtering, but not all green P's can ride well.

    I disagree that "those who can't filter, won't"
    plenty of people lacking skill in both bike and car that do things they shouldn't, even though they are legally entitled to
  10. so dude where are you going with this thread?
    NSW laws are already in effect and not likely to change in the near future
  11. My opinion is leaners no, P-platers yes.

    Although I can see the point of preventing those new to riding from filtering the law seems to discriminate against younger riders. I feel a restriction from filtering within the first 12 months of obtaining your license similar to here in QLD where you can only carry a pillion after that 12 month period would be a fair compromise and would then enforce the law equally to new riders of all ages.

    I can't fathom that I face such a large fine and demerit point penalty if I am caught filtering as I am on my Green P's yet I hold an R-class license.
  12. What about riders who do their L's, get their P plates, and don't ride till they get their fulls to avoid the LAMS bike BS?? They are just as dangerous as some L or P riders.
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  13. You're aiming laws at the lowest common denominator. This is why we have the archaic nanny state that we currently live in. Speed limits are sometimes half what they could safely because some people have zero driving skill. You can get kicked out of a bar for being lightly drunk because some people can't handle their alcohol.

    Because we wrap everyone in so much cotton wool people forget common sense. They rely on laws to protect them. Its a stupid way for society to be. Allow everyone freedom and punish those who stuff up rather than deny everyone freedom because a few might stuff up.
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  14. I do agree with you in principle :) at least for things that don't adversely affect others...
    SVA with no helmet? go for it ;)

    generally laws should set the level of minimum acceptable behaviour in our society, but over time they seem to be being used to minimise collateral damage by those with no common sense

    relying on punishing those who accidentally screw up, or those who just give no fcuk for others, I would've thought to be potentially more problematic than attempting to prevent/minimise the behaviour in the first place?
    I guess that's what the gumbyment thinks, as for some reason they feel they have a duty of care to the public (maybe not in reality ;) )

    should we rely on insurance to cover damage caused by those who shouldn't have tried to filter yet?
    would insurance for L/P become prohibitively expensive or would insurance companies spread that cost over all riders?
    would they be charged with neg driving for causing damage?

    or can we safely assume that there would be virtually no filtering/splitting incidents by learners?
    just pondering...
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    I think insurance is half the problem with today's society. You stuff up you should have to live with those consequences.

    You write yours and someone else's vehicle off because you can't look if it's clear properly and all you pay is $400 and you get a shiny new car and don't have to worry about it again. What kind of consequences does that teach people?

    Id love a world where you can't insure yourself against your own incompetence. Third party property should be mandatory and comprehensive should be banned.
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  16. How do you become good at filtering if you don't get to practice this?
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  17. As a learner with a massive 2 months experience, I'd like to think common sense would be used. I feel I'm confident in my ability to filter to the front for my own safety without doing any damage to anyone. Splitting, no. Not yet, but give it time I will be ready some day.

    My vote:
    Filtering - Yes to L and P
    Splitting - No to L and P
  18. What amuses me is that if I am doing 30 km/h I am lane flitering. If I tick over to 31 now I am splitting. What a load of wank. Filtering/splitting, Ls and Ps, is just political appeasement to satisfy mouthbreathers that it won't be "dangerous".
    Why? Is there anyone who is actually fool enough to watch his/her speedo while splitting? This very issue has been amusing me all week as my work has recently moved. I tried it today, just to see if I could. Apparently I was lane splitting according to the fools that protect me. Anyone that is paying attention to their speed while splitting is going to crash. No ifs or buts about it, I give them less than 500m before they've at least tapped a mirror, less than 5 before they properly mess themselves up.

    I'm surprised people pay any attention to these laws, all it's doing is validating what we've been doing for years. As for learners? They aren't going to learn to split by sitting in traffic for a year are they? I told myself I wouldn't split for a while after I got my Ls. That lasted until the second red light.

    Who cares what people in cars think? Seriously. A minor bump mirror to mirror will rub off in seconds. I've bumped more mirrors in the last week than I have in the previous year (two).
    And then what? We'll go back to doing what we did in the first place? Which was exactly the same?
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  19. I'm all for filtering when traffic is stopped. I cringe when I sometimes see inexperienced people getting the wobbles when lane splitting at speed. I'm not a fan of splitting when the traffic starts moving. Sparse traffic maybe, but I don't like doing it when there is heavy traffic.
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  20. the whole insurance industry is a racket :D

    gradually, just like with cornering and stopping :)
    some people would interpret law as an option to filter, some a right to filter.. common sense = option

    JCL, why separately? simply because that is how current law is defined for full licence.

    as for cars.. I own cars and drive them too.
    mirror bump, not too worried.. although there are no spare parts for my cars in Australia..
    stacking into or scratching panels? would really not be happy...

    time, place, and common sense..
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