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Should it realy take nine days to fix a bike?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by thecptn, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. A bit of dilemma here, I took my bike in to be fixed for misfiring, this was last monday, it was found the engine needed a few internal fixings, to the sum of 300 dollars, not to bad I thought, but the last few days has left me fuming, the last time I called he said it should be ready this afternoon and that he would call me, so far, he hasn't called, and I'm getting really annoyed, and this is a yammy dealership too! and previous calls have been similar, "ah nah mate, it will be ready today, tommorow" I'm thinking of going down there tomorrow and having a word with him, and too make matters worst, I have my p's test in 2 days time! and no (so far) bike! :evil: I just want my bike back! I miss riding BADLY, any experiences/thoughts/etc?

  2. talk to seany his took0 7 or was it 9, weeks :shock:
  3. Had the same shit as U captain.. & I waited just short of
    4wks before I got mine back.. & that was for minor repairs
  4. Last time I took my bike in to get work done, they told me it would take two days to get the parts, but it would be at least week before they expected to find the two hours to fit them.

    One of the problems with this business is that all the good people are busy.

    On top of that, a job they have slotted in ahead of yours (I'd be really worried if they had no other cusytomers) might take a turn for the worse when they open up the bike.

    If they tell you it'll be ready in two days, then don't let you know about delays, then you have cause to complain, but if you use good mechanics, expect that they will be trying to give good service to their other customers as well.
  5. ah gees, thats not encouraging at all :( I need a bike this friday badly, is is too late to book in a bike?
  6. Get down there and demand answers as to why you are getting d1cked around, mention the fact that you are been hoodwinked and wont stand for it, mention how when you dropped your bike off you did not ask to be lied to or mislead, then question these people as to why they think they should charge you the same original quoted price when they cant meet their own schedule that they set for the repairs.
    Ask them how they would like it if they didn’t have use of their own personal vehicle, how would their wife do the shopping and get her kiddies to school? Why is the impact of you not having your bike back when you where told it would be any less important than their own.
    If they are a dealer then tell them clearly that you will be contacting the state distributor of their brand to make them aware of the incompetence at this dealership. Then hassle them for a loaner, tell them it’s the very least they can do to make it up.
  7. 9 fcuking weeks. :evil:

    Fist option:
    Go down there and demand satisfaction. The minute you hear bull shit tell them to stop bull shitting and simply state when the bike will be ready. Return on that date topick up your bike. If it's not ready, come back with a ute and tell them to get fcuked. Then take the bike to a mechanic that actually knows how to do the job.

    Second option:
    Simply follow option one, begining at the point where you arrive with a ute.

    You do not have to deal with being told your bike will be ready, only to be told they were full of shit. If they haven't got parts, they should be able to tell you exactly where the parts are. It normally takes 2 days for parts to arrive.

    If they simply can't be fcuked working to the time frame they gave you or don't know what they are doing (like Redwing) then they should say so, giving you the option to go elsewhere. It's your bike, so politely but assertively take contol of it's destiny.
  8. Nope. You should be able to book one of the CB's for the P test. Give them a call.

    If you're desperately stuck, PM me, and I should be able to lend you the Spada. I got to put her back together though as I took her apart to get painted.

    I am flying down to Melbourne on Friday morning though.
  9. sorry to hear that you are missing your bike---- arghhhhh!!! its bad i know mine has been away from me for engine works since dec 20 2005 OUCH :(
  10. Thanks for the help guys and girls, I just came back, I had a stern word with the mech, I asked "so is my bike ready?" so he replys "nah it isnt" so I look him in the eye, and ask, why is it taking so long? one of the mech is of, so I simply state sternly that I have my ps test this friday and I have no bike what so ever, and that it costs $150 to rent one, a bike in which im not even used too, from what I could gather from his facial expresions, and his posture, he was quite intimidated by me and knew he is in the wrong here, so he goes to the office, opens up he schedule book and writes in, "xv250" looks at me, and says should be ready this afternoon, it bloody better be!

    I dont want to fork out 150 of my hard earned dollars for a bike that im not even used to, I would rather do it on my yammy, a bike that ive ridden over 11,000ks on, rain and shine, sun and night, and too make it worst, its a nice day for a ride today! damn!
  11. Good Luck with your bike & your test.
  12. They've always been exceptionally knowledgable, upfront and accurate when I've dealt with them even to the point of moving the earth for me to get down to Tassie after missing the start of my trip. I got 5 star service from them everytime, couldn't be happier with them.
  13. My bike is also getting serviced, I dropped it off at Performance Bikes in Moorabbin last Friday. I got a call mid Friday from Mick who politely advised me that it's going to take a bit longer because he found some extra stuff wrong with it, then he ran through what he thought needed fixing, asked if I was keeping the bike then made his recommendations.

    The bloke's a legend, they are always busy but I am happy to wait for them to fit me in. I'm picking it up today.

  14. Glad to hear some stories of people actually satisfied with repairers/mechanics, but I can do 1 better than that, Harley Heaven give you a courtesy call a couple of days after any work done and ask how everything is going.
  15. one thing to remember is if you do rush them...will they do as a good a job as if you had not rushed them? i dont know about you but i would not try rush them less you dont mind if they rush the job on you and dont do a 100% job of it
  16. He has had over 10 days now, thats pleanty of time.
  17. yes it did! silly spot for a poll if you ask me *grin*
  18. The longest repair job I ever had done was a Kawasaki 900... that took 4 months.

    The dealers couldn't get the engine parts, I contacted Kawasaki Australia who agreed that the parts were not in stock in Australia.

    At 3 months and 2 weeks I found an e-mail address for Kawasaki Japan (this is back when e-mail was all _new and almost unknown_ we are talking 15 years plus ago here).

    The e-mail ended up being answered (very nicely I might add) and 2 days later I got a call from Kawasaki Distributors saying "I don't know who you have been talking to but we've just had Kawasaki Australia on the phone and Kawasaki Japan were on the phone to them. Kawasaki Japan are flying out your parts express at no cost to you... you'll have your bike back within a week or so, the dealer has been _told_ to make it his first priority!.

    I was *gobsmacked* to say the least... but very happy nevertheless :)

    I suspect an e-mail these days would get less of a response LOL