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Should it be law to wear full protective gear?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cowboy Mac, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. Should be Government legislate to make wearing protective clothing mandatory? What requirements would you make if you were drafting such a law? I think it is a preventable area of motorcycle/scooter injury, thoughts?

  2. No laws.

    We don't need a nanny government like the US has.

    Instead focus on education. Perhaps upon getting your L's include a video with "what happens if you dont wear gear"-emphasis. That sort of thing.

    It's your perogative if you don't want to look after yourself, live with the injuries you cause upon yourself or, worse, prefer to be hosed off the street instead of picking yourself up after a crash.

    Although I'm a ATGATT rider, and I agree it's a massively preventable area of injury, reducing our freedoms/liberty isn't the way to go about it.
  3. I've heard recently that they are talking about making particular protective clothing mandatory. Long pants, closed in shoes, long sleeve jackets, glove and helmets obviously.

    The guy i bought a bike off (finance due at a dealership) was saying they're bringing this in soon.

    They change the laws pretty often enough... this should be no different.
  4. NO!
    dont be ridiculous.
    get in the bloody corner, and think about the question you just asked.
  5. :WStupid:
    if the govt. had theyre way we would be wearing chain mail suits of armour like medievil knights.
  6. Ahh, yes, the age-old inquiry...

    Personally, I believe government should NOT legislate for further protective gear, as it would only give them more excuses to hassle us (you're not wearing the approved regulation 3/4 length body armour, that'll be X points and Y dollars, thank you for supporting road safety). If the government is so concerned about road injuries/fatalities, let them work on the root causes (bad roads, insufficient driver (AND rider) education, and many many more).

    As far as riding gear is concerned, you're putting your own safety in your hands, so it's your choice what you wear - you can go out in t-shirts, shorts and thongs if you like. Just don't complain when you get skittled and lose 2/3 of your skin against the road!

    (Personal note: I came off my bike 2 years ago-broke my right arm. But if I HADN'T been wearing helmet, jacket, gloves, long pants & boots, I dread to think what the results would have been...)
  7. Define full protective clothing?

    How would the Police enforce this?
  8. :shock:

    Can you imagine the damage chainmail would do to skin at highway speeds? Sometimes high Armour Class is a BAD idea...
  9. I think everyone should wear ATGATT.
    However, this is my OPINION. I would HATE to see it become law.
    Apart from wearing a helmet, additional protection SHOULD be the RIDER's choice... period.
  10. No..

    But if they were going to, I'd make riding in thongs illegal :grin: Gstrings are ok though (ladies only please :p )
  11. While the person not wearing safety gear has to live with the injuries, the general community still has to pay for their stupidity. All those abulances and hospitals don't pay for themselves. There are also effects on the people that have to deal with picking up the peices after Mr Shorts & Thongs comes off his bike. The increase to motorcycle rider fatalities also doesn't do anything to help our image.

  12. What a provocative question!

    I guess that's part of the problem, those who "don't want to look after" themselves consume emergency resources and emotional resources that could be much better deployed elsewhere...quite selfish really.

    I'll be very interested to see where this topic goes :)
  13. 51SDA, the Queensland Government has said only that it wants to encourage riders to wear protective gear. The definitions involved in making anything other than a helmet enforceable are beyond the bounds of legislative reality. Think about what you have to write into law to define a motorcycle glove. Is a riggers glove from Bunnings legal? Is a textile hiking boot a legal alternative to a motorcycle boot? All too hard.

    Your bloke in the shop was trying to sell you gear. Buy it anyway. ATGATT is a good idea. In summer up here, however, you start to look for loopholes in the ATGATT argument. But falling off hurts just as much in summer as any other time of year if you're wearing bugger-all.
  14. There is a certain mindset that believes "just one more new law and everything will be hunky-dory". Many of those who hold this mindset wish to save me from myself.

    They can fcuk off. :evil: Because that way lies nanny-state lunacy.

    I'm very much pro protective gear on a bike. I like my skin where it is thank you very much.

    But I'm utterly against legislation to make me (or anyone else) do anything "for my (their) own good".

    Just bear in mind that the most effective way to prevent motorcycle related injuries is to ban motorcycles. Do you really want to go down the "preventable injury" road?

  15. +1 :cool:

    if people are into gravel rash then thats their thing, :wink:
  16. Do we not have enough silly laws already? :(
  17. What, you mean like all teh states they have with no helmet laws, an their ridicuously lax gun laws? The US are fairly protective o their civil liberties.
    I think you could have found a better example of nanny state.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Yeah unfortunately i kinda know what you mean. I read legislation for a living... and i would honestly be interested to see how they would try an impose protective clothing requirements for bike riders. I think it's crap.. really... if the rider doesn't want to wear gear.. their problem. Any one with half a brain would wear protective gear.

    The guy that told me about the government imposing conditions wasn't the sales guy... i'd already agreed to buy the gear before. He was probably the only dude that didn't try to sell me something! lol i hate salesmen.
  19. I left the question wide open to generate just this kind of debate. For example, if I rode down the streets with my lid and speedos on, that is perfectly legal.

    Should you have to wear a bare minimum of coverage, such as shoes for example, or is it a case of you are responsible for your own safety and leave it at that?
  20. surely, there is enough squid threads already.
    using the search function, will show you a myriad of answers, to your original question.