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Should Incitatus join the Ducatisti?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by incitatus, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Oh dear....I can feel a divorce coming on. I've been offered a bike by a mate that I can't afford, but am having great difficulty resisting. It's a 1989 Ducati 900SS, but not just any 1989 Ducati 900SS. It's done just 23,000k's and has been massively upgraded to 1993 spec, Mikuni Carbs, big brakes, 1993 electrics, and brand new rubber. I have sighted $6,500 worth of receipts from Vee Two Motorcycles for all this upgrade work, and it's done less than 3000k's since then. It's in absolutely mint showroom condition except for some scratches to the seat hump where he has strapped gear on. Below is a picture of a similar bike (in standard spec), this bike is visually identical except for it having the standard brakes. The asking price is $7,500.


    I really can't afford another bike, and really shouldn't even be considering it, since I have not even finished the Benelli Quatro rebuild yet, but ohhh it's sooooo tempting.......get thee behind me Satan:shock:
  2. Are you sure that wasn't just a couple of basic service receipts? :LOL:
  3. Nah looks bog mate get a Hornet... :grin:
  4. No point gettiing Satan to go behind you, inci. As Murphy said when the priest chided him for being in the pub; "Faith, and he got behind me AND PUSHED ME IN!".

    Buy the bike, you only live once. We promise we won't rag you about being a latte-sipping Ducati rider ..... (well, perhaps just a little)
  5. With low kms I'd look at it as a medium to long term prospect as a classic. Another 9 years to go to club plates.
  6. Hmm..there is a saying along the lines of..
    You never own a Ducati, you just become one of the many that contribute to its maintenance.
  7. I don't know how much it helps, but I rode a standard 750 monster the other week and I was amazed how bad it was.

    I assume a modified 900 ss would be better, but I guess I am saying don't believe everything you read about Ducati.
  8. One should never buy a bike by checking servicing costs, fuel economy and using there logic. Too many BMW's are bought this way...

    (Mark dodges beer cans thrown by angry accountants wearing slippers and smoking pipes :LOL: )

    If it causes a flutter in your loins, then you just have to buy it. It will cost too much to service, chew fuel at an alarming rate and good luck getting it too start on a cold winter morning. You will also love it and get laid lots more.

    This is the only way Ducati ever make any sales, and we all still want to own one anyway.
  9. mmmmm Ducati, that is a pretty sweet looking bike but is it worth more than your marriage? Don't answer that :LOL:

    Can you sell one of the many bikes you have? :bolt:

    I like the idea of club plates, but would you ride it? If you are going to put it in the shed and ride once a year let some other lucky bugger buy it.

    Anyway if I could afford it I would buy. :grin:
  10. You assume correctly. I have ridden a 900 Monster and it was totally underwhelming, this is a totally different animal. Mind you, I doubt if it will start any easier on a cold morning, be any more reliable, or cost any less to service, it'll just be much more fun to ride.
  11. Didnt you also just sign up for the MadAss?

    someone isnt going to be too popular....
  12. Another salient point... given your published err..., maturity, are you flexible enough to assume the necessary "hello boys" riding position ?
  13. The MadAss is 'fully approved' as she can ride it on her '250' licence until I finish her Benelli Quattro rebuild, (if I ever do, since every time I have some money I seem to buy another bike!)

    I have considered that aspect, and do not feel that what little dignity I have left will be compromised. If I can fold myself into the cockpit of a Bushby Midget Mustang, (designed for double jointed dwarves), I can fold myself over a Ducati.
  14. Bugger the bennelli mate sell it to the misus of its your full licence toy
  15. It is with great regret than Incitatus announces he will not be joining the Ducatisti. After a 2 hour ride on this beautiful machine on Sunday, and further discussions with swmbo, it became apparent that if I went ahead with the purchase I would be found in a shallow grave somewhere in the Gnangara pine plantation not long afterwards. :( :( :( :(
  16. A case of the head and the heart saying yes, but the other heart and head saying no, eh, inci?? You'll just have to console yourself with that lovely beemer you've got....