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Should I?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Makybe05, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. Hey just wondering what people think about buying a zzr 250 for prob about $1800. Its got 70,000 km's (eek!)but looks in good condition. Its a 1993 model and had a new clutch put in it recently. Problem is its 400kms away so im looking at getting it transported down to wagga from sydney. I guess ill just have to ring the bloke and take his word for it. I'm really not sure .... but at this price im seriously considering it.

  2. personally i would only consider it, if i could inspect it myself.....maybe ask to have him met you half way.......or see if you can get a syndey netrider to check it out first and make sure your not wasting your time.....but really i would consider what you are looking at to be a very rare bike.....most 90-95 model (cough cough....cbr, zxr etc)...are lucky to have 7000 km on them :roll: :LOL:

    i would strongly recommend if you do buy it, to maybe consider a pad change (check the brake lines) and and replace brake fluid.....might even be worth changing the fork oil too........

    cheers stewy
  3. Yeah mums a bit anxious about it. It would be absolutely awesome if someone could go have a look for me, I'd really really appreciate it.
  4. Its old an has lotsa k's on it. Probably cheap for a reason.

    I would advise to spend more straight up an less in the long run. But its your choice.
  5. I'm not sure what the bike shops are like in Wagga but there are a few good ones here in Albury, have you looked a little closer to home?
  6. Yeah nothing in Wagga, well for what i want to spend anyway.

    If someone can check out this bike in Sydney and says something like yeah its all fine but needs a couple of little things done to it, i think i'll buy it but if not than i'll keep on searching.
  7. Mate, it may be a good deal. It may be not.
    How much are you allowing for to get it the way you want it? if you're thinking $1000 - $1500 you'll be better off spending that on a better bike that you can inspect before parting with your hard earned.
    If you're sure it only needs a couple of hundred (ignoring the high kms) you dont have much to loose.
    Bike transport could be up to $300 too.
  8. Yeah thats why i really need to check it out before i buy it but unfortunately thats pretty hard... I'd probably only want to spend maybe $600 on stuff that needs to be fixed up. Maybe 2200, 2300 for the bike at this stage.
  9. Which is why I'd recommend looking down here, much easier to check out yourself than something in Sydney.