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Should I?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CelticKnight, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Tell me what you think about my friends idea Netrider.

    I was told yesterday, to help with my learning of my XR250 for riding on the road, i should go to the expense of getting a set of good roadbike tires for it, also lower the bike, and harden the suspension, bring it more onto feel of a proper Motard.

    Considering a set of good tires is ... 70-150 ea should I go to the expense of getting new tires fitted, for doing the the test, and the learning of the bike.

    Whats your thoughts guys?

  2. Depends what it's got on it at the moment. Hardcore off-road knobblies probably won't help you, but any half decent road/trail tyre shouldn't be a problem. Unless you're changing rims, you're a bit limited in tyre choice anyway, on the front at least.

    As for the suspension, lowering it and stiffening up the forks might be worthwhile but I probably wouldn't bother with anything too elaborate (read expensive) for a learner bike. Maybe some spacers to up the preload in the forks and some heavier oil. Not sure about the back. I'd probably just whack the preload and damping up to the max and leave it there. But then, I'm a fat bastard who's used to shit suspension where that's all you can realistically do without spending big dollars on an aftermarket shock.