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Should I wreck or sell? i broke my 98 vfr 800

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by krut, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. I layed down my red 98 VFR 800 the other day & am trying to decide whether to sell parts (wreck it) or just sell it as one piece (maybe the staintune pipe separately).

    I locked up the front wheel (new front tyre was on order & turned up the following day) & have smashed the screen, headlight fairing + bracket, back of the instrument panel & the headlight mount took a chunk out of the alloy frame.
    I've already decided it's not worth me fixing it, I'm looking at getting an xr400 & some motard wheels (so i can off + on road).

    Any opinions on the subject would be appreciated, particularly if anyone has had experience with this before?

  2. hey not bad, yaself?
  3. Yeah great thanks skeeo.

    Me thinks i'll give him Fiddy bucks for the lot, what do you think?
  4. Im good too :p
    that makes 3 of us!

    Fifty, nah thats way too much Woodsy, the frames got a chunk outta it remember,
    so I reckon if we pitch in a fiver each that should be about right :grin:
    so yeah, fifteen it is. :LOL:
  5. make a 800cc gokart perhaps?
  6. Get the frame repaired and go naked!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. would make for a great project.... hmmm
  8. i broke my 98 vfr 800

    $3.50 anakickindanuts fer the clip ons if they fit 97 model VFR . :p

    Seriously if its not insured then S/F it and ride it what you got to lose apart from a little breezy at 200+.
  9. you'd get more probably if you sell it for parts, only you'd just have to wait longer to get rid of it
  10. Streetfighter it mate!

    The frame's the only part you need to worry about. If that's fixable, you've got the basis for a good road bike. You'll get much more out of it keeping it as a fixer than you will from trying to wreck it - and if you sell it, the buyer has to try to get a RWC for it.
  11. yeah good thanks, Streetfighter it!
  12. Give it to me, I'll street-fighter it...

    Oh, and Hi.
  13. Bike is still registered, not a write-off, frame still straight, mostly cosmetic damage. Frame damage is the headlight bracket mount which removed itself & tore a square hole about 5cm wide in the bit of the frame which the handlebars run through (forget what it's called).

    bike is in Wollongong NSW (just below sydney)

    Considered some kind of S/F but i've heard the vfr800's need side/front fairing to guide the wind through side mounted radiators.

    only got the left handlebar, as the right one broke in the crash (buy one, get one free!)

    i have pics if anyone wants to see.

    For $50 i'll syphon out the last litre of petrol & may even mail it to ya ;-)
  14. Show us the pics, if you're gonna sell it at wrecker's rates I'll buy it off ya and turn it into an off-roader!
  15. how do i get pics of the bike up here? is it alright if i host them elsewhere & link them in here?
  16. you can host them elsewhere.

    www.flickr.com is where I host mine.

    I'd love to see what the damage is like, glad you're alright though
  17. Yeah, i've injured myself more coming of a push bike.

    I feel a bit dumb really, barely looks like it's damaged! There's heaps of good parts on it & would make an awesome dune buggy (kinda want the money for my next bike tho).

    Had a wrecker say it's worth $2.5k from what the bike shop guy told him, but the wrecker's going to have a look at it in the next couple of days.
  18. have you decided what to do woth the bike? i'm looking for a VFR800 engine compleet (engine, electics,injection,rads,ect). i'm building a chopper.

    are you wrecking the bike and where are you. PM me if you are interested.
  19. Ouch it ripped a chunk out of the head stem.
    That's a write off I'm afraid.
    You could source a new frame and swap everything over but add the cost of smashed parts and labour hours... becomes a bit of a task.
    If you can get 2.5k for it then take it. Otherwise part it out on ebay and hope for the best. Chances are you'll only make slightly more money for a lot of extra work.