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Should I Upgrade??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RVF_ED, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Hi,
    So I got my blacks the other day & got to thinking....You know that question every learner who was ever been let loose on their blacks..?

    I've just spent over 1K getting a major service done on the RVF & I've been mainly commuting @ at the moment so should I upgrade to a 600?

    I'm not particular hungry for more horses but wouldn't mind them for those rides.

    The RVF is running sweet & I would really miss it so is it worth it??

    Oh to celebrate my blacks, I jumped on a SP2 the other day & wow it sounded incredible.

    Any suggestions?? Its going to be an 05/06 600 if I do decide to upgrade.

  2. Well, there's always more than 1 side to a story. To begin:


    cheap to run usually. Tyres, maintenance may be cheaper, petrol
    bike less likely a target for thieves (don't think it can't be a target though)
    You don't have power always on tap.. It can be a hassle to ride in highway traffic (i,e trying to overtake easily when at 100km/h)

    Power on tap at most times of riding
    usually better quality bike - brakes etc are better models
    having the feel of a bigger bike bigger than 250cc 4 stroke is the main draw card usually
    It can be (a lot) more expensive to run a bigger bike
    tyre use certainly usually goes up, petrol + maintenance may be more expensive or relatively similar. It all depends on the individual bike.

    Ok , that's the main things I'll write at almost 1am *yawn* Sleep time I reckon!
  3. He's got an RVF so thats a 400.

    The RVF is a really sweet bike and while any modern sports 600 has a fair bit more power you may find yourself dissapointed with the handling compared to the RVF.

    If you're not sure, then generally speaking you're not ready.....
  4. Don't upgrade "just cos you can".. if you're comfy on the bike, it does what you need, you're happy with it. Keep it.

    but if the bike is lacking in some regard, ie not comfy on the longer rides etc, then yeah, upgrade. If you go straight up to an SP2 or similar, make sure you have the pre-requisite control over the right wrist, otherwise you're license and wallet may suffer (or worse).

    IMHO an unrestricted (ie not LAMs) 600 is a good next step up from a LAMs bike.

  5. I have no idea. I find the RVF wasted commuting (but then I only have a 10km round trip :p) so I commute on the Spada. The RVF is feeling pretty sweet through the twisty stuff...get some time with the 600s on the right roads to find out? (beg, borrow, but don't steal :LOL:) You're not looking at a big spend to 'upgrade' if it's a decent RVF, but whether it really will be an upgrade is up to how it feels for you, right? :) Flick sucram a PM, he went from an RVF to a newer litre bike.
  6. What is your riding style. Whats happens when you upgrade is that the costs of running it start to rise all round (depending on the brand).

    Horsepower alone does not dictate the performance of the bike. Ultimately its the power to wieght ratio. Suspension, brakes and frame-flexability plus the tyres you run.

    These all need to be in balance with you riding abilities and style of use to be worth the money.

    I have a few bikes, and have stopped riding the R1 to work because im burning up the tyres, brakes and including engine / suspension wear, without getting any of its intented use!

    Take the best match options for your use. Or just buy a second bike for fun on the weekends (less use equals less insurance costs, servicing and wear and tear), plus you can look forward to that ride as compared to the daily commute :)
  7. I now have my full license in Victoria and have decided to stay on my current bike rather then upgrade.
    Why you prob ask?
    My main purpose is for spirited twisties and my old banger of a RGV is a very capable. It handles well, can reach 220+ what more would i want. Pulling an estimated 63hp rear, weights about 15kg less then stock, so its not exactly a learner bike.
    Also i dont have $$ for a new bike.

    THe costs associated with a bigger bike are a downfall. +many other pro and cons.
    If ur bike is still keeping you excited, then it might be a stayer.
  8. Dude the RVF is an awesome bike, don't upgrade until you're sick of it.
  9. agree with loz.
    no need to upgrade that little bugger, i know a few doods with vfr's that have full licence and are plenty happy with the insane little hondas :)

    you arent going to get a "massive" amount of increase in performance going to a 600 IMO.

    down hill with a tail wind?
    i only ask because my li'l RGV would only just climb to 200 (indicated) which was only 178 (gps) and that took what felt like four hours of downhill/tailwind straights :grin:
  10. Joel,

    In that case your RGV was pretty sick. Any model RGV250 should at least be able to pull 220 indicated
  11. Unless your a fat bastard, and then physics come in to play.

    ps: i'm not saying your fat joel
  12. Well there are other possibilities - different sized front tyre, gearing changes etc.

    But mainly, yeah if those things arent touched that must have been a very very sick rgv.
  13. maybe, but i dont think so. always had proper rebuilds and stuff.....but who knows, i only ever had one RGV *shrug*
    im not exactly small, but im no super-heavyweight :LOL: