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Should I Tri a Rocket 3? Would it be for me?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Kurse, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. So I'm in the market once again, after a cruiser of sorts. At first I was after something not too heavy and was well aware of the Rocket 3 but the weight of it put me off.

    But after riding some 300 kg plus bikes, I thought I should give the ROcket a go, plus I've heard many people say it handles surprisingly well despite its' size.

    So any Rocket 3 owners on here? Has anyone ridin one and has any info on em? I've heard froma dealer the Rocket 3 Touring model is slower than the others but the Triumph site begs to differ. Maybe the older Touring models are de-tuned like the dealer told me?
  2. yeah, like de-tuning a 2.3 litre engine is going to make a lot of difference :LOL:.
  3. Honestly, if you have to ask, then NO.
  4. They're a pretty fun bike.

    Took one for a decent test ride and even though it involved a bit of highway riding, never got it out of third gear :cool:

    Torque's obviously unbelievable, brakes more than enough, shaft so minimum maintenance.

    Guessing you're looking used?? Check out the M109 - know a few owners and they love 'em. And also Valkerie's - not new here anymore but again know some happy owners.

    All the best in your search
  5. recently I watched as a R3 pulled up next to a GSXR750 at the lights. The R2 was obviously up for some fun, doing little 'blip-burnouts' as he approached. The Gixxer was having none of it, ignored himwhile the lights were red, then nailed it when green. R3 ate him up and spat him out before he got to the next lights.
    I smiled all the way home. :wink:
  6. Excuse my ignorance but what is a R2 or R3?

    I know a Yamaha R1 and R6, and I know some FZR250R Yamahas have R2 stickers on them.
  7. R3 would be the Rocket 3
    R2 would I assume be a typo

  8. Rocket
    Rocket3... :?: :?:
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  10. DON’T DO IT. Haven’t you been told that motorcycles are dangerous. They’ll kill you. :roll:
  11. I went the rocket and wouldn't look back.had it 18 months now
  12. The Rocket 3 would be right up your alley, suit you to a T!

    Go & grab one now.