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Should I trade my HD for a Triumph Tiger?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Fa1c0n, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. I love my HD, I love the look and the noise and the way it makes me feel.... Makes me feel invincible. But it has a tiny tank, its not comfortable for touring at all and feels a bit under powered.

    The Triumph tiger looks cool, comfortable and good for touring. Should be faster than my HD too....
    Problem is I am scared of loosing "that feeling" that you get from a HD...

    Has anyone else gone from a HD to a sports/tourer?
  2. Which Tiger are you talking about?
    The 800, the 800XC, the 1050 or the 1200?
    All of them will outperform your hog but they have quite different characters, some more than others.
    Depends on what kind of riding you want to do most.

    But to answer your question simply - you won't know if you don't give it a go.
  3. Was thinking the 1200 (explorer I think it is called?).
    Figured it would be the fastest in a straight line and off at the lights?

    I would like to get into Holiday riding. Just short weekend and stuff and want something comfortable for the missus on the back.

    My other primary concern is that my HD doesn't stop when I apply the breaks and it slides EVERYWHERE in the wet..... I want something faster and safer.

    Still - I am nervous to give up the HD, I love it.... But I kinda know it is the smart thing to do?
  4. The 1200 triple is basically the same engine as in the 1200 trophy. Has some pretty decent mumbo. I spent a bit of time on the trophy before deciding on the FJR, but couldn't get used to the fly wire wire throttle. Plus, the FJR is a fair whack quicker than the trophy, and the way it delivered its power appealed to me more.

    But you are coming from a v-twin. I think the mannerisms of the triple would appeal to you. (I had a 1050 sprint before the FJR.) Probably the hardest thing you will have to adapt to is the height of the bike, and centre of gravity. They are a TALL bike. No doubt about it. And the centre of gravity - while good for a big adventure bike - is still going to be massively higher than your HD.

    Are you able to get a test-ride on one?
  5. One of the advantages of owning a Hardley is you can modify them to suite you purposes.

    Bigger tank, more comfortable seat, brake upgrade. Should be able to get a bit more out of the engine too.
  6. I am going to try for a test ride.
    I am 6foot 2 so the height shouldn't be a problem.

    I had a go on the 650 vstrom a few months ago and I enjoyed that, the center of gravity may have been higher than the HD but it felt easier to roll through corners.
  7. Considering I have spent a total of 22k on my HD already, I am not willing to funnel another 5+ plus into it when I could cut my losses and buy a better bike to start with.

    My bike will never be a tourer, it is just not made that way.
    Also, I want ABS and traction control.

    A tiger would be a billion times faster than my HD right?
  8. Oh yeah. Faster, smoother, more comfortable suspension, better handling. They're a good machine.

    The problem is accessories. The Triumph factory accessories range for the 1200 Tiger will make your eyes water, drool will run from your mouth, and your wallet will be emptied. Again.
  9. Another question is... How loud can I get it?
    HD loud? (obviously minus the bass note)
  10. There are some pretty wild pipes available for the triples - from O/S though, as the Arrow stuff in the catalog is not super loud.
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    Right. And you've already answered your own question. You want to do things that the HD is poor at. It's time to change.
    I get the thing about losing the character though. Shame you can't keep both (?)
    1200 Tiger is a very smooth machine - maybe too smooth in this context? Older 1050 motor has plenty of character with an aftermarket pipe on. Then there's the KTM and Ducati twins...and Aprilia.
    It's a shame that the Buell Ulysses never lived up to it's promise - you could have had it all in one package.
  12. I can't keep both, that would be ideal...
    Can you buy Triumphs from anyone but Peter Stevens?
  13. Yep. Motorworks in Hobart. They'd probably do you a better deal too...
  14. V-twin character, comfortable for 2 people to ride weekend trips. Enough power to make it fun and decent fuel range.

    Multi Strada?
  15. That looks pretty damn cool....

    Any idea in pricing?
  16. Although it has a stupid bird beaky lookin' thing...
  17. Dunno....

    If you really like the H-D and want something similar, but faster, corners and brakes, dare I suggest a look at the 1400 Guzzi "cruiser".

    They still have the "cruiser" style, but go faster, corner better and have good brakes.

    Sorry if this confuses you.

    Good luck in your quest for a new bike. :)
  18. Book some test rides, can't hurt :happy:
  19. What's the speed limit?
  20. 2nd hand they run from 20K up for the current, 2nd generation.
    New anything from $25k up.
    The first generation are about $8k up, I like the 1st generation better but that's because I like ugly bikes.

    I rode a 2014 model Multi Strada when I was looking at replacing my M109 a few months ago - I actually preferred the (water-cooled) BMW GS but I know you're not interested in one of those.