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should i trade in my kawasaki for a buell

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by skooky101, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Ok people i need some advice i am thinking of selling my 03 zx636 ninja and getting a buell xb lightning i have had a ride of a xb12scg and think its going to be a bit of overkill but its such a nice bike to ride i work in the city and live in the country so need something to fit both quick city riding and the nice long freeway ride in and out also i want to get my wife on the back but she thinks the ninja sits to high and is a bit put off with how it leans around corners (has nothing to do with my riding :p ) and we work together sometimes so it will make more sence to take the bike so i am going to take advantage of this and dip into the savings if i have to so any info will be great
    thanks Skooky

  2. Makes sense to me as a move. I got my 1200 to pillion the Mrs and have never looked back.

    Don't really know enough about the Buells to comment, but they should just about pull stumps...
  3. Sure, just make sure it has a nice sounding exhaust :)
  4. Have you actually looked at the pillion seat on a Lightning? And if she doesn't like you leaning on the Kwak, she's gonna HATE the Buell - it's an elbow-down machine!
    But then again, the Harley vibes might work in your favour...
    One thing for sure, if you do it, it'll be an adventure every time you head out. For good or ill.
  5. What kind of annual kms are you talking?

    One of the guys on here ended up swapping to a Buell to use for commuting decent distances. I wonder how things are going for him? He is probably the best one to comment as i believe he was going to do around 25,000 - 30,000km each year.
  6. +1 on the pillion seat - checked out a few reviews and photos after reading this thread, and it doesn't look particularly comfortable for the pillion. Looks could be deceiving, and it may also depend on the size and shape of the pillion, but you should probably take her along for a test ride...
  7. 1. Find the 'M' key on your keyboard.
    2. Count 2 keys over to the right.
    3. Press that key occasionally.
    4. :)

    Also, get the buell, you know you wanna.

  8. any thing from 30,000 to around the 40,000 i work in event catering so its all over the place

  9. yes i have and even had a ride on one its not the size of the seat but the high and she has a bit of padding around back and for the leaning i get a lot lower on the ninja then i did on the xb12 but i was in the city with it so ill take that in to account

  10. I did not know i was going to be graded. I will do my best to try to find that key thanks for the advice................................. ;)

    Also yes i WANT TO get the buell :)
  11. Life is too short, get it, NOW.

  12. I don't think a Buell would suit you at all.
  13. going for the buell

    yep its looking good for the buell. i may be riding one by the end of the week thanks for taking the time to post your comments people. also if by chance anyone knows anybody looking at selling, trading or even buying my ninja pls post on this discussion and ill do my best to follow it up thanks people
  14. look for a good used fz1.
  15. I've always viewed XB12s as more fun, but less practical than most sportsbikes. Those Harley engines just don't seem to stand up to a flogging like the japanese bikes can - of course this is coming from a total of one ride's experience on a Buell - but the thing was very ragged. And yes, the back seat is a bit of a joke, you might wanna give the missus a bulimia starter course before you attempt any serious Ks 2-up.

    There's some more practical hoon bikes out there - FZ1N, Hornet 9, SV1000N, Morini 9 1/2, Striple, Zed Thou, hell even the B-King. I'd test ride the Buell back to back with a few of those before I spent any money.
  16. would like a bit more on why i need all the advice i can get
  17. I was just kidding, given that I know nothing about you, it would be a bit hard to judge :wink:

    If you like it & you can do it, go for it! I don't know if this model came out with the Harley engines, but by most accounts the Rotax engines are much easier to live with... Food for thought if you're thinking of buying an older one.
  19. Get the Buell.
  20. get a Buell... if you get a lightning the pillion seat is fairly comfy, so i've been told.

    if you want a second hander, buy mine as i'm looking at a buying a ktm lol.

    But other than that, Buells are heaps of fun and a lotta grunt. :cool: