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Should I stick to my day job?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Abacus, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. #1 Abacus, Sep 30, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    Bought a gopro. Started making videos. Not sure if anyone is interested in seeing what I create when I try and focus my energy for a little while. Feel free to tell me I'm dumb and boring. :)

    Heading down to the thrift shop.
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  2. You're dumb and boring. AND YOU HAVE MY HELMET!!!

    Haha nah, that was pretty cool- great quality :)
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  3. Hahah! Thanks, AngieW. I like your helmet!
  4. Hehehe, no worries. :p
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  5. lol u really had no friggin idea what ot do in that carpark huh lol
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  6. lol I think that statement applies to most of what I do.
  7. Don't worry I sumtimes intend to go to a particular place like that then see it's busy or similar then carry on with no other destination in mind.
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  8. That was entertaining even though you didn't ride anywhere or do anything. Imagine what you could do if you applied yourself!
  9. Another moto-vlogger... :sleep:
  10. Didn't mind that either. Liked the commentary.

    Driving down the GOR with son and his then GF, he made a video which was damn hilarious bc of the commentary. Unfortunately, the ex kept the tape.

  11. I remember when people kept their diaries under their beds. Brave new world, I guess. Now 6 odd billion people can hop online and get a video diary of princess sparkles riding a motorcycle and talking about her hormonal fluctuations.
  12. Your as decisive as I am when riding, good quality video, hope to see some more mate.
  13. Haha, and me! If there's not a designated leader/people I ride with are easygoing.. we're all screwed hahaha
  14. I went to PS this morning in the rain to try on a bell rogue helmet lmao 3rd time in a week, Im just a tragic, but on the plus side, I cant get one of these helmets fast enough,the comfort compared to my Nolan was awesome, I even aksed the saleman who I had to sleep with to get one, apparently Im FUGLY.

  15. LOL! Ah well, point is you have decided to purchase one yes?
  16. a huge YES
  17. Let me know how it goes- my faggoty partner wants one :p
  18. The part that amazed me was it felt like a half helmet but has the support of a 3/4, and the face mask was so simple to put on and take off that after several times you didnt even need to see what you were doing, I also asked if they were going to bring in the Shark Raw, as yet they havent looked into it, so it seems Im going to have to pester them :)
  19. Yeah, the only con for me is in an accident, the face mask thingie isn't supposed to protect you :(
  20. Oh lolz haha

    *giggles* sometimes I think if there wasn't a ride leader I'd just totally die lolz

    Like, seriously, I don't even get why people ride bikes by themselves? Motorcycling should be, like, this total community thing, right? where we all meet up and have breakfast, maybe braid each others hair :)

    We need more girlz in motorcycling! Grrl powa! :LOL: