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should i stay away from grey imports?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cosi, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. regarding insurance costs/parts ?

    is there anything else i should know about?

  2. If you're looking for a bike and haven't ridden, take someone with you that you trust and that knows about them and can test ride them for you.
    Get the RACV (or similar) check on them, I think it's $99.
    Nothing wrong with an import provided the kms are reasonable, year of build not too old, has been complianced etc. Some might have been thrashed which can be hard to tell by looking at them which is why it pays to get the checks done.
  3. apparantly greys are a bit if a biatch for insurance. i never got insurance tho so wasn't an issue for me. for parts, base it more on how common a model is rather than whether its grey. ie its easier to find bits for a grey CBR250 than a genuine bandit 250, theres an ABUNDANCE of CBRs out there, the bandit has no-where near those numbers.

    being a grey says nothing at all about condition, thats all up to the previous owners. just cos its a genuine import doesn't mean its been looked after, same goes for grey, just cos its grey, dont mean its had its been neglected.

    the only reason i'd stay away from greys is for insurance, otherwise, dont get hung up on it....
  4. The biggest problem is that some companies have been known to import in worn out wrecks, repainting them in 'current' colours and selling 1994 models as "2005 complienced". They may also bring in sound used bikes. If you are not confident that you can tell the difference, you need to take someone with you who does, or be prepared to lose. You may also have difficulties getting parts, manuals etc.
  5. errg, yeah, FORGET about the compliance date on a used bike, it means sweet STUFF ALL :D look at the manufacturing date and thats it. i forgot all about that one, i REALLY hate how some ppls try and get away with saying "2004 model" when its an 89 that was brought over last year...... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :evil:
  6. reply

    I have a grey import.

    It was reg'd in NSW for 3 yrs before I got it.

    When I went to reg here in Vic, I found it had no compliance plate.

    The only reason it was let on teh road was because it had been reg'd in NSW previously.

    They told me if it had no prev reg, and no compliance plate, stiff.

    So, The problems are these.

    Compliance plate
    Prev rego.

    Parts avail - probably not.

    Mechanics knowledge - probably none.

    So, if it goes well, low ks, has plate or rego, buy, otherwise it's a paddock bike.

  7. What I found with grays especialy with the newer complianced bikes is that they get a new paint job... eather in japan or here... I found one importer that advertises 32 paint scheams avalable both for the MC22 and MC19 so you can get an MC19 (CBR250R) with RR and fireblade stickers all over it...

    Nowonder why some people think MC19's are newer than MC22's !!!!
  8. My Across is a "grey import", no worries at all so far.

    I think if the model was/is being imported "officially" as well, then the parts issue is lessened.

    Just got a quote for 12 month comprehensive, $174.00

    Never had an issue with parts either.

  9. Yeah across and fiew other bikes are good in that respect... I had some bad expiriance with Honda servicing ie. they didn't want to have any thing to do with my bike (CBR250RR) till I told them it is MPE import...

    As for isurance... My mate was telling me how he payed $2000 for full comp on his Across two years ago... some thing is telling me he was crapping on or the insurance costs have come down...
  10. Ditto on the grey import Across I had. No servicing or insurance problems. Some of the factory dealers will baulk at servicing a grey but depends a bit on the model bike.