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should i start riding w/o full gear?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Atlas, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. hi folks

    this sounds really really dumb.. lame etc whatever.. but ive read enough about accidents, stacks, breakages, etc to scare the shit out of me..

    just wondering tho.... i got all the gear.. except back protector and boots.. would any other n00bs dare to start riding without these two things? interested to hear from another n00bs perspective.. all u experienced riders keep ur comments to urself! i can only imagine thigns like "Wunce,, pansie etc" haha its all good.. i maybe overreacting i suppose?

    anyhows.. speak up u fellow no0bies

  2. I rode for a while without boots when I first started riding - in fact probably about 12 months without them - however since I have them now I wouldnt ride without them...I joined netrider about a year after riding I think - and thats where I was given advice on 'how much do you like your feet' etc, and a few mates were concerned with me riding without proper boots...sorry if thats a bit of a rambled sentance - having a blonde day :oops:

    Back protector, I'm still to buy - I will make a purchase I guess at some point, but boots over back protector for me...

    Hope this helps :)
  3. I would suggest that you can save up for the back protector (though many here regard it as essential), but you ought to make it a priority to get a good pair of boots. Your feet and shins are closest to the ground, and, like your hands, you need them for virtually everything you do.....
  4. Wait, so you're only interested in advice on protective gear from people that have never crashed and barely ridden :? .
  5. boots boots are essential
  6. Yeah I did it when I first got my bike. But was only riding around the neighbourhood and stuff keeping it under 60kph. I got boots as soon as my credit card allowed it. I'm still to purchase a back protector. will have to go try some on very soon. And will be buying one as soon as I wipe off some more debt on the old plastic.

    I did have one stationary lay down without boots, and was lucky not to get my foot trapped under the bike. After I bought boots I had a little slide and was very thanksful I wore them that day. Doesn't matter how uncomfortable walking around town might be... I will always wear boots when on the bike.
  7. I don't know if I classify as a noob or not, but certainly when I'd only just got my Ls I wasn't even game to move my bike down the driveway without full gear! Back then riding a bike was very foreign to me and it really felt like the slightest thing would have me off, so I needed all the protection I could get. Of course, now that I'm feeling more in control of the bike, I'm pushing it a little harder so I still need the gear! Even without looking at rider skill or how hard you push it, there's always other crap happening out there that can cause an off.

    For the record I've been on the roads just over 7 months.

    PS. I've only had my back protector a month, but I had the standard built-in stuff as part of my jacket before that.
  8. back when i first started, it didnt even occur to me to get proper boots. I just wore my Blundstones. I thought proper motorcycle boots were only for racers. But once you've gotten used to wearing a pair of good boots then you really do feel naked without them. I shudder every time i think about how unprotected my ankles were before i got proper boots :shock:

    As for back protector, i dont have one and have never worn one. I think its the same as the boots - when you've never worn it you dont realise how unprotected you are and once you get one you'll probable never go back. I will be looking into them over the next few months.
  9. Its more likely that the more experienced riders would tell you to wear the right stuff. Personally I wouldn't be caught dead without riding boots on.
  10. +1 on all that Pinkxie said. I've been riding 15 months (makes me a noob still) but have never ridden witout the full gear. Like others i've only added a back protector in the last 3 or 4 months. Also have added knee protectors to under Draggins.
  11. lol ok.. i rephrase ".. all u experienced riders with smartass/cheeky/mocking comments, keep them to yourself... everyone else welcome :LOL: "

    thanks for all the input guys.. better safe than sorry i suppose... btw i didnt think about knee protectors! :shock:
  12. cheeky/mocking comments?? What, here on Netrider?? Surely you must be mistaking this for another forum :LOL:.
  13. Hmm, my first month or so of motorcycle riding was done in singlet, thongs, shorts and sunnies without a helmet or underpants, in maniacal traffic on potholed roads that were half gravel, half dirt.

    Get boots and a back protector, they're great. Go riding without them, but make a special effort not to crash m'kayyy?
  14. Get the Boots
    Get the Boots
    And then save for the back Protector.

    As for experiance there are experianced riders who will say go for the lot, and others who will say nakid is fine by them...
    the same goes for newbs.
  15. i dont care what you ride in. just dont cry to me if you break something. :cool:
  16. Ok...boots are essential, any recommendations on the type of boots ? I know comfort is essential but there must be some boots better than others.
  17. +1 for the boots first.

    Boots are the 3rd most important piece of protective gear after 1 (your helmet) and 2 (your gloves).

    The helmet because head injuries kill more than most other sorts of injuries.

    The gloves because one of the first things people do is stick their hands out during an accident.

    The boots because ones feet and lower legs are often in a position to be crushed between the bike and hard objects.

    After that I'd get a good riding jacket (gravel rash is _not_ fun).

    Next I'd get a set of riding pants (draggins or similar are fine).

    I wouldn't even consider a seperate back protector until I had all the above .

    YMMV :)
  18. not sure what boots are heaps good .. or good enough to get by.. but atm.. im looking at getting a set of alpinestars smx-4's.. fitted nice.. looked nice.. not sure what else to look for.
  19. Look for boots with good ankle and heel protection. Any boot with chunky plastic bits which protect your foot from impact and twisting is gonna be good. Shin plates are good too. Waterproofing is something I didn't go for as I couldn't fore-see myself riding in lots of wet conditions. Mainly look for a boot that fits well. nothing worse than a boot that your foot slips around in or a really tight boot that hurts whenever you click the gear lever.

    Quality brands other than A* include Gaerne, Sidi, Xpidi, that's all I got.
  20. If you are tight in budget, at least get a pair of those Rossi boots.