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Should I sell the bike and car?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by zx9er, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. Hello,

    I currently ride a late 90's model bike and drive an early 2000's model car.

    I have a very limited budget and I'm thinking about selling both of them to buy a decent bike which I'd then use for everything.

    Is this a good idea? I'd want to set up the new bike so it would take a sat nav or securely and waterproofly mount my mobile phone for navigation, I hate navigating on a bike, it can be a nightmare.

    The main drawback that I can see is that I wouldn't be able to transport my dog without a car. Trips to the vet would become very difficult and I wouldn't be able to take him to my friends place for overnight visits.

    Have others done this? If so what bikes have you found to be awesome all rounders? I want to keep it under 1000 cc's, even 999cc's would be okay. The greenslip bracket for over 1000 cc's becomes counter productive to running 1 vehicle.

    Is there any drawbacks I've missed to not owning a car? The shopping would be covered and I can live with riding in the rain. I'm single with no kids so I'm not worried about passengers.
  2. Don't think you'll get much of an argument on here against getting rid of your cage to get a better bike. You could always get a sidecar for the dog.
    Seriously, the only person who can answer that question is you.
  3. I did what you describe for several years and had no problems. Couple of points to note...

    1. You can get a sh!itload of stuff in a backpack. Way more than anyone realises. You learn crazy Jedi Tetris tricks that enable you to get a whole load of origami-like folded washing or a full weeks shop in there. A Ventura bag would be even better, but I was never that smart.

    2. A case of beer can be transported by resting it on the fuel tank and holding it there with your body.

    3. You learn to really live the rain, hail or shine thing. After living for a while with just a bike you literally won't even think about the weather, it won't matter to you any more.

    4. Having parents or a girlfriend with a car you can borrow every now and again won't hurt. If worst comes to worst buy a $500 car for those times where you absolutely need it. That said, I got away without one for a number of years and never ended up totally stuck. You'll find ways to work around the rare times.
  4. Shoot the dog....No, seriously, how big is this dog? Unless it's a Dane why couldn't it travel in a carrier on a rack.
    Like dis....


    Kobo :cool:
  5. Sell them both, buy a better bike and real cheap car. You really don't want to be doing this....

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  6. The only down side to that is a cheap car can be nearly as expensive to run as a good one. Rego, TP insurance and maintenance, they add up.
    To the OP, you've pondered it, now do it and see how it goes. Put 500 bucks away for a rainy day maybe.
  7. And don't forget car hire is always available for occasional cage-needs. It's pretty cheap nowadays, particularly if you use your own excess waiver insurance.
  8. That's a good point. I hired a Hyundai i30 in Perth a few months back for $35 a day, I doubt I could run a car for that.
  9. I'm inclined to go with Hornet's idea (in fact, I have). Dunno about NSW but in VIC if you join a classic car club you can put a qualifying model (even if an old shitbox) on club plates for negligible rego costs, on the proviso of limited days of use.
    Old cars break down a lot but the repair bills are often very cheap (compared to new cars) especially if you can do some of the work yourself.
    Alternatively, get a bike trailer.
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  10. I've hired a car a few times and your right it is cheap. What is this excess waver insurance of which you speak?
  11. Oh, and there's those car share schemes. Annual fee and you just pre-book when you need one of their vehicles.
  12. Well, car hire companies usually try to scare you into waiving their ludicrous insurance excess by paying an additional $20-30 per day premium. You can buy similar cover much cheaper from other companies. I have used Worldcare within-Australia travel insurance, which worked well (I have needed to claim, without problems).

    Obviously, you can also opt to just pay the excess in the event of damage to the car, but it's often stupidly punitive.
  13. Thanks all. I'm starting to lean towards selling them both but maybe the car first while I save for a particularly kick arse bike. Any suggestions on the bike?

    I'm thinking z800 or Fz8 or 1. Or triumph speed triple or maybe sprint triple. I've heard of terrible fuel tank range on z1000's. Is this the same with the z800's?
  14. I lived with a bike as my only form of transport for a few years when I first moved to Melbourne. A little CBR250 at that..

    It is pretty easy to adapt to life with only a bike, the times you really need a car, just hit mates up.
  15. Depends what you classify as terrible, Ive gotten 230km out of a tank but I average approx. 200 - 210kms and theres always 1.5 - 2 litres left in the tank. Senetor17 has the same bike as me and has done 250km from a tank. Not too bad from 15 litres.
  16. Yeah that is pretty good. So do you both ride the z800 then?
  17. Re hire care insurance excess - if you have a premium type credit card (ie platinum cards etc) you get free insurance that will cover the excess charged by the hire car companies, if you pay for the hire using the card. Check the limits & conditions yourself as they vary between banks.
  18. That's good to know but I do try to avoid credit cards. I'm alergic to debt... it makes me poor :greedy:
  19. Think he's referring to Zthous, not 800s.

    Always a bit hit and miss. I've had 230 when the light started flashing, but the other day it was 204.

    But I don't ride a Z1000 bc it's economical..... :D
  20. As one of the bikes I'm thinking about. Why do you ride it?